Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 29th July 2023 – When Kairav finds out Abhir is gone, he

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 29th July 2023 – When Kairav finds out Abhir is gone, he

At the beginning of the episode, Parth says, “I called the police; they will come.” Aarohi suggests we let Akshu know. Manjiri says no because she’ll become sicker if she thinks about Abhir being gone. It appears the police have arrived, as per Parth. Here are Muskaan and Kairav. You were going to hear it from us, as Aarohi puts it. He interrupts her. Folding their hands, Kairav and Muskaan beg for Manjiri. According to Muskaan, bringing Abhir to Akshu will make her healthy again. If you pledge to take Abhir to Kasauli, Kairav guarantees no one will try to kidnap Akshu from you.

Please take Abhir to Kasauli, he begs Abhi. Abhi claims Kairav…. They notice the cops approaching. My son has disappeared, Abhi tells the Sir. Muskaan and Kairav can’t believe it. The inspector wants to know if you’ve seen him recently. Abhi declares it to be night.Kairav is halted by Aarohi. Kairav grabs Abhi by the collar and gives him a reprimand. He claims that Abhir is just six years old, that you have misplaced him and that no one in the household is aware of his whereabouts. Abhi receives his reprimand from him. He claims that Abhir was content with his family and that he does not deserve to become a father because a child is not property on which to place one’s name.

Abhi responds, “Enough, I don’t care what you think of me. I’m his dad, and you’re his uncle. You’re hurt. Please consider what I’m going through. Inspector, he begs, help him track out his missing son. Abhir wants to know how much further away the train station is. The guy says it’s a long way and asks where your mom is. Abhir suggests going outside. A kachoris catches his eye. Akshu and Abhinav come back to his mind. The pricing list catches his eye. He is worried that if I get kachori, I won’t have enough money to get a ticket. Do you need anything, the man inquires. Abhir is emphatic that he cannot do this since his parents would punish him. Water is what he guzzles down. When he leaves, he goes. Abhinav spots Akshu. She adds it’s 2:00 now, so Abhir is probably already home from school and to give him a call. Soothe down, he says, I’ll handle it. Abhi meets with the inspector. His cell phone is currently set to vibrate-free mode. Manjiri notices the call and speculates that Kairav may have informed Abhinav. Abhinav claims he’ll be behind the wheel.

When in doubt, give Akshu a call. Shivu and Ruhi are brought downstairs by Nishta. When Manjiri hears that the kids have been called, he naturally wants to know why. Abhi assures us that we need only question them. Shefali urges the youngsters to be honest with the authorities.Asks the Inspector Did Abhir mention anything? Did he express concern? Shivu. Shivu claims I know nothing, but I disagree. The inspector has asked Ruhi to comment. She bolts towards her bedroom. Don’t press Manjiri or Abhir for details beyond their admission that they were close. Simple procedure, according to the inspector; supporting evidence lies in minor details. Akshu: “I need to speak with Abhir; please contact Manish or Kairav and have them force me to do so.” Crybabies Suwarna, Manish, Surekha, and Dadi.

They are worried about Abhir.Abhinav gives Manish a call. They say we can’t contact Manish, Suwarna, and Kairav. Surekha picks up the phone. How is Akshu, she enquires. He reports that she has regained consciousness, but her fever persists. She promises to send you a kada recipe and asks that you “please feed her and take care.” When he asks if anyone has spoken with Abhir, nobody responds except for Abhi. Surekha confirms that Abhir and Ruhi will be arriving later that day. He recommends that Akshu and Abhir have a video chat. She reassures him, “Sure thing, you know kids, it’s not fixed when they will come, call us if you need anything, we’re all here for you.” It’s fine, according to his assessment. She hangs up the phone in tears. What did Surekha say, Akshu inquires. According to Abhinav, she told him that Abhir and Ruhi would return home and that he should “not take tension” because Abhir “won’t like it if he sees you like this” if he is sick with a fever.

He’s concerned because Surekha hasn’t been very pleasant to me recently, and I’ve been having similar thoughts about Abhir. Weary, Abhir collapses. To quench his thirst, he goes in search of water. Don’t worry, Aarohi assures us; we’ll track down Abhir. They send her out for water. Where are you, Abhir? Ruhi asks his distraught friends. Her call is for Abhir. They are praying. Abhir overhears some male conversation. He gets out of the van to get a drink of water. He collapses from exhaustion. Akshu replies, “I need to call Abhi and talk to my baby and see him.” The ribbons and windchime break. She insists, “This is a promise to Abhir that I cannot break.”


Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Abhi wraps himself in the blanket and sobs. If you know Abhir, why don’t you tell me?, Akshu challenges. As a result, she gives him a reprimand.


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