Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan for July 27, 2023 : Inder is asked by Manveer about his connection to Simran.

Seerat loves being wet in the rain, so she always makes Angad come along. Angad tells her to get away from him and storms off to cool off beneath some cover. Seerat feels he’s handsomest when he’s angry. She embraces him passionately and wonders aloud why they are unable to reunite with one another. After gaining his freedom, Angad explains that she misunderstood him and that his vow to look after her does not imply that he will go beyond his limitations. Seerat urges him to loosen up and gaze lustfully at her. Angad replies that he understands how hurt she is by Garry’s betrayal, but that if she loses control, no one will respect her. Seerat says she hopes he’ll take her back after realizing she was first option all along. Angad claims that he is now married to Seerat’s younger sister Sahiba, and that Seerat is now married to Angad’s younger brother Garry. Angad urges Seerat to keep her dignity by not entertaining any other possibilities. Seerat is upset, but he leaves nonetheless.

Inder reassures Simran that she need not worry about Angad and Sahiba’s safety. He claims she dreamed about Angad because she loves her so much. Simran is quite talkative. A request for a grin from Inder. Sahiba returns, reporting that her uncle has succeeded in making Simran happy. A affirmative response from Simran. Inder has urged Simran to get some rest. He is prompted to recount a story by Simran. He starts reciting a narrative, and she nods off. Manveer, who had just come in to summon Angad, is taken aback to discover Inder standing there. Inder is questioned by her as to his presence. According to Inder, he was trying to put a kid to sleep. Manveer claims he was never successful in putting Angad to sleep as a kid. Relax, Inder tells her. Angad walks in, remembering Seerat’s despicable behavior, and sees his parents present, at which point he inquires as to their whereabouts. Sahiba inquires as to his wetness. Manveer then whisks Inder away.

Sahiba inquires of Angad once more as to his wet state. Rain is falling, according to Angad. Sahiba hands him a towel and tells him to dry off before he becomes a burden on society. Angad contemplates telling Sahiba about Seerat’s despicable behavior. Seerat believes Angad Likes her but hiding his feelings out of fear for Sahiba, that he and Saiba are perfectly compatible but he just can’t bring himself to give up Sahiba and accept her, etc. When Manveer sees Inder worrying about Simran, he asks him why he cares about her and not the other children in the family. Inder argues that her inquiry is without merit. Does it matter that Simran is Gayatri Sachdeva’s daughter? Manveer probes. Inder nervously explains that there are other Gayatri Sachdevas in existence. When asked simran is his daughter, Manveer replies that she must be referring to the man who destroyed her home. Despite his protests, Inder eventually succumbs to sleep.

The following morning, Manveer confronted Sahiba, who had just brought simran home from an orphanage, about her knowledge of Simran’s biological father. Simran and Angad stroll in, and Simran invites Manveer to brunch with them. Manveer begs Sahiba for it and then tags along with her. Seerat approaches Angad and inquires whether he has forgiven her for what happened the night before. Angad replies “no” with some reluctance. Seerat offers to cook breakfast for simran and invites her over. Simran asks if, like warden before her, she will put all work on her shoulders. But according to Seerat, it won’t be boring at all! Manveer keeps probing Sahiba with questions. Angad walks in and wonders how Sahiba could know who Simran’s father is if she is the one who is looking for him. This is where Manveer departs. If Simran has discovered the truth about manveer is suddenly interested her, she will need to discuss it with Inder.

Intoxicated, to review Angad and an inebriated Sahiba sit by the pool, where he begins a hoarse rendition of a song. Stop, Sahiba orders. Angad tells her how much he cares about her. Sahiba presses him on whether he will back her up when it comes to Simran. Angad advises that she let him make the call.

Episode is over.

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