Written Episode Update for Shiv Shakti July 27, 2023 – Daksh’s scheme to put Shiv down in front of Yagya

Written Episode Update for Shiv Shakti July 27, 2023 – Daksh’s scheme to put Shiv down in front of Yagya

At the beginning of the episode, Sati and Shiv are seen cooking. Daksh arrives with Narad and compliments your beauty and good mood. Sati smiles and says confidently, “I know you will come surely.” Daksh claims that he told the mud to stay off of your clothes, but now it’s all over his face. Shiv says everyone is happy to have you. Daksh says he was happy to see his Dakshayini again. Shiv claims her new name is Kailash Swamini. Daksh reveals that a person is consistent regardless of location. He presents Sati with an item and tells her that her mom sent it. He informs Shiv that he has an invitation to halt the damage. Daksh is shivering and reaching for a drink. He is curious as to how you manage to remain here. Shiv advises that you remain in your castle just like a baby remains in its mother’s womb and a tiger remains in its den. I’m glad you arrived to put a stop to the carnage, he tells you. According to Narad, bade bhaiyya is performing the havan at Prayagraj since even a small amount of halahal might have a negative impact on some locations. Daksh says to Shiv, “I know you don’t go aimlessly,” before asking if Shiv will join them. Shiv believes his goal is to bring about holiness, and that his arrival is imminent. Sati wants to know whether I may tag along. Daksh confirms that you and your husband’s arrival is timely and blessed. It is the answer for my mum, Sati says as she hands Daksh the pot. Daksh picks up the mug and walks away. Sati approaches Shiv with an invitation. As Shiv’s Ardhangini, you are welcome everywhere I go. When Prasuti sees the contents of the pot, he smiles. To which Daksh responds, “What happened?” Prasuti says, “I have sent milk and jaggery in this pot so that Sati and Shiv’s relationship is good,” and “Sati has sent me curd,” which also indicates that their relationship is good. He claims that she is relieved that their feud will soon be over thanks to him. Daksh says he wants to put an end to their animosity and begs Prasuti to stay away. Why, wonders Prasuti. Daksh claims I am giving orders.

Narayan arrives at the site of the yagya and reminds Shukracharya that it is being performed for a worthy reason. How to Forget the Destruction at the Hands of the Asurs is a Topic Covered by Shukracharya. Daksh is invited to the yagya by Narad. Yagya claims responsibility for arranging it and will arrive late. He claims he intends to offend Shiv. According to Narad, Mahadev will clear your head. The yagya is attended by Sati and Shiv. Everyone laughs at Mahadev’s expense. Sati inquires of the soldier as to where Mahadev is located. This is where Daksh wants you, the soldier explains. A soiled rug on the side floor surprises Sati. Sati can’t believe it. Shiv tells Sati he doesn’t care if he respects him or insults him, and that the success of this yagya is crucial to the well-being of the cosmos. He tells her to take a seat in the designated area. He speculates that Daksh may have had an idea and picked this location for me. Sati thinks you shouldn’t be here. Shiv begs her to put her faith in him and assures her of his ease. He tells her to take a seat in the designated area. He visits that location. Daksh claims that he has offered the boy a location where he can learn his proper position in the world. He predicts that his shame will grow in proportion to the intensity of the yagya fire.

Daksh claims that Shiv enjoys bhasm and that once all of Shiv’s honor, reverence, and ego have been transformed into bhasm, the raging vengeance within his heart will subside. Shiv walks over to it and puts his foot down.

Shiv’s message: everyone in the world is convinced that we can’t control our feelings. Be at peace and joyful, he implores.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : the devtas collectively elevate Shiv to their highest perch. When Daksh arrived, he questioned Shiv about his lack of response. Shiv claims to be the yagya’s sabhapati. After being insulted, Daksh decides he cannot allow the yagya to take place. Shiv declares that he has sworn to finish the yagya.


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