Written Episode Shiv Shakti (Colors) 29 July 2023 – Daksh gets ejected from the havan against his will.

Written Episode Shiv Shakti (Colors) 29 July 2023 – Daksh gets ejected from the havan against his will.

Daksh begins the episode by accusing Sati’s spouse of being a liar and imposter. He claims that Shiv constantly tries to establish his greatness and that he has no idea who changed Kapalik become Mahadev. Nandi yells, “Enough! I Can’t Take It Anymore!” He tells Mahadev to shut up and reminds him that he is present and unwilling to take any more insults from him. Daksh mocks Pashu for saying this, attributing it to him. According to Nandi, if there is a Pashu in this group, it is you. Apparently, he remembers you saying “Mai Mai” like a lamb. He claims that if Mahadev hadn’t consumed halahal, we’d all be Shriheen and you wouldn’t be here now. As a precaution, Daksh issues a warning. Brahmadev tries to talk some sense into Daksh. When Daksh insults Shiv, Narayan begs him not to.

While Rishi Sankal defends Nandi as Shiv’s vahan (transport), Rishi Richik defends Daksh, saying that Mahadev is offended by the slur. An argument arises between them. Sati prompts Shiv for commentary. Shiv claims that everything I say will be like throwing ghee into a fire if I speak up. Sati asks how Nandi can treat his father so disrespectfully. Shiv tells her to put aside the fact that she is his daughter in order to think clearly. Daksh says that’s why Shiv picked this bull to carry him, and then he curses Nandi such that he’s left for dead by all the Sants and can’t even take four feet. Shock spreads throughout the group. As far as Nandi is concerned, he is simply Nandi and Shiv’s joy.

I curse you that the day will come when you need Pashu/bird in your life to be alive, and then you will come in the shelter of Mahadev, if there is shakti in my bhakti, if my bhakti is real. Daksh claims that at this time, “your vahan is cursing me” while you sit idly by. And Shiv claims I said nothing when you cursed at him. Daksh says, “What else can you do?” because you performed manthan, which unleashed halahal and is responsible for this negative consequence. Rishi Sankal begs him to stop what he’s doing. Rishi Richik requests that Shiv and his team depart immediately. He assures me that the yagya will be finished. Daksh has ordered Shiv and his men to depart.Nandi promises to wipe out the rotten Sabha. He begins tossing objects around. Sati implores Mahadev to intervene, saying that he must stop. Shiv tells Nandi to chill out and not lose his cool. Whatever he or she has said, it is in accordance with his knowledge and judgment. He reassures him that this yagya is for the greater good of humanity and beseeches him not to interrupt it. Nandi shows his assent by folding his hands. Those who wish to leave may do so, but Shiv insists, “I have come for Shuddhi and will complete this yagya.” Daksh states that I have maintained this yagya. You are not going to allow this yagya to take place, Shiv admonished, before demanding that he choose who would remain and who would leave. This is not possible, as Rishi Richik has informed you.

After Rishi Richik threatens to have Shiv perform tandav if he doesn’t cooperate, Shiv swings his trishul and declares, “Whoever puts the hurdle in this yagya, has to do war from me.” Daksh threatens conflict with him. Rishi Sankal approaches Brahmadev with a request for clarification. Narayan warns Daksh that he will be ruined if he stays there. He warns, “Get out of here if you think of me as your Aaradhya.” Daksh promises Shiv that he will crush Shiv’s ego and pride and that he will never forget the insult he received. It is from there that Daksh, Guru Shukracharya, and Rishi Richik set out

.To cool off, Narayan pleads with Mahadev. Sati is inconsolable. Shiv reassures Sati that he feels her anguish but that she must put it aside in order to shoulder her responsibilities. The yagya, he says, must begin. When Daksh learned that Shiv had banished him from his own havan, he came to the palace to give Prasuti the news.Everyone is happy as Shiv performs the havan. Daksh vows vengeance for his insult at future yagya he performs. He claims he will hold larger yagya than this one and invite everyone else but Shiv. I’ll get even with him, he says.Shiv urges his followers to take pleasure in the process rather than dwell on the destination.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Daksh warns Deeti that Shiv and Sati will hear that he is holding a large yagya and will decide that they are not worthy of attending. Deeti approaches Shiv and Sati and inquires whether they plan to havan as well.

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