Written Episode Suhaagan 29 July 2023 – Payal’s scheme is a bust.

Written Episode Suhaagan 29 July 2023 – Payal’s scheme is a bust.

Payal plays a faint at the beginning of the episode. Vikram tries to talk some sense into her. When she finally opens her eyes, she discovers Krish has left. She chimes in that she’s fine and leaves. Since Bindiya didn’t wear the rani necklace we gave her, Sakshi told Indu that they would give her a new one after the wedding. Indu requests that Sakshi force her to put on a jewelry. Nidhi suggests removing the smaller chain first. Sakshi confirms that she wants to remove it and nods. Suddenly, Bindiya grabs her hand and stops her. Nidhi is confused as to why Bhabhi is spending money on stress relief when she appears to be doing nothing but relaxing. Bindiya values this necklace immensely. Nidhi compliments Indu on her witty comments and unyielding spirit. According to Bindiya, this chain is my mother’s last piece of precious jewelry, and I want to have it taken off today. Indu’s pals tease her constantly.

Bindiya is warned by Indu not to disgrace her new mother-in-law by continuing to wear the chain she was given. Bindiya expresses regret and declines. Sakshi tries to unchain herself by asking Mummy ji how she could ever refuse her. Indu forbids her to visit Baldev. Bindiya promises, “I will keep your respect also,” before putting on their jewelry. Baldev experiences joy. Bindiya and Krish pose happily for their portrait. Music begins…Sun ya….Payal’s feelings of envy and resentment cause her harm. Krish and Bindiya are in on the picture op together.

Dadi says it’s time to take Bindiya and make her ready for the rounds mahurat. Krish begs her to come with him. Now that Payal has assumed Krish is free, I can proceed with my plot.Dadi tells Bindiya that a yellow saree is good luck in marriage. Bindiya gives her approval. Dadi cautions her against treating other people rudely. Bindiya assures her that she would treat everyone with dignity and compassion. Nikku visits Krish and informs him that Payal has called and wants to confess. Krish embraces him, telling him he is not wrong because she has shed tears before. He tells me I can go pick up his bride and hold her in my lap. Ishq wala tumhe…….He gives Indu a hug before leaving to meet Payal. Indu ponders the source of his elation.Krish, Payal is ready for you. Krish is on his way to you.

Payal looks relieved and declares that the drama is coming to an end. There’s a smirk on her face. This marriage will not go through, she says. She looks around and notices Bindiya is nearby. Bindiya wants to know why the union is forbidden. She presses her for the reasons why the wedding shouldn’t go through. Payal asks, “How can I live without you? Maa and baba abandoned us when we were young, but you’ve been with me all this time. Bindiya admits that she, too, would miss her, but notes that Dadi has warned her that all girls must eventually leave home. How can I survive without you, Payal cries aloud. Bindiya promises that no matter how far apart we are, we will always be together.

Payal is convinced that Krish is on his way, and the drama continues unabated.Payal admits she became emotional when speaking to Bindiya, telling her how glad she is for her and comparing her to Krishna because their tastes and preferences are so similar. She claims that he appreciates your goodness and the short amount of time you’ve spent loving him. She promises to pray for your eternal happiness and unity. Bindiya embraces Payal. Krish is devastated after hearing Payal’s words and starts crying. From there, he concludes that he anticipated Payal’s breakdown but is, in fact, the one who has cracked.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Payal has stated that she will not consent to the marriage. Who is it, Baldev wants to know. Payal assumes Baldev heard her and jumps into the running truck. Payal yells that the wedding won’t happen. It’s Krish and Bindiya’s turn to go around.

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