Written Episode Rabb Se Hai Dua 29 July 2023 – Haider vows to take vengeance on Dua.

Written Episode Rabb Se Hai Dua 29 July 2023 – Haider vows to take vengeance on Dua.

After Dua signs the document, Haider asks her why she sent designs under her name without telling her. According to Dua, I requested that Ravi forward the artwork in my name. Hina accuses Ravi of betraying Haider’s trust by calling him a “snake.” Hamida insists he didn’t do anything wrong, and Dua puts in a lot of effort, so it seems unfair that Haider gets all the praise. She stayed working for Haider because she loved him, but now that feeling has faded and he is merely a business partner, she feels she should be compensated for her efforts. I’ve had it, says Hina; my son has built this company and now owns it. I needed your assistance, and you backstabbed me and everyone else.

You’re just as untrustworthy as Dua. She reveals to Dadi that Dua ruined my Haider’s company. Dadi believes it doesn’t matter if Dua sent the drawings under her name because she is an employee of the company and has that right. And if you keep defending her, Gazal asks, “What are you going to do when Dua takes over the entire company?” Gulnaz tells her to be quiet and tells her she is useless, so they avoid discussing business at all costs. While Haider and Dua observe, Hina orders everyone to be quiet, and Dadi and others begin arguing with Hina and Gazal. This duo, in Ruhaan’s opinion, is misleading everyone. He reaches under the table and pulls out his rifle, thinking that now is the time to kill.

If you want to know why Dua betrayed Gazal, ask her. Hamida is complaining that her daughter’s life has been ruined because of you; that no one loves her; that Haider betrayed her by marrying you; and that Hina has taken your side. According to Hina, you and your daughter are snakes and characterless ladies hatching a plot to steal the company. Hamida warns her to be quiet and stay inside her boundaries or she will be physically punished. In this conversation, Haider begs Hamida to stop insulting his mom. Tell Hamida to stop talking about how “characterless” I am. The conversation between Dua and I and Haider’s request for them to cease. When will you take a position against Dua, Hina asks Haider, because she can’t bear to see him lose his business. He thinks Dua done something wrong and that she deserves to be punished for it. Hamida insists that, given your own wrongdoing, she is not deserving of punishment.

Haider thinks I’m paying the price for it, but he’s wrong; Dua too deserves punishment, so I’m putting an end to the game she started. After requesting Ravi’s company, he departs. And so do Hina and Gazal. Ruhaan looks down at his weapon.Just do what I say, Haider instructs Ravi. Ravi agrees and walks away.It’s Dua’s behavior that causes Ruhaan to question Dadi. If, as Dadi claims, Gazal is to blame, then what’s stopping you from exposing him and putting an end to everything? If you tell Haider what Gazal did to you, Gulnaz warns, he’ll kick her out of the house. However, she didn’t do anything wrong, as Ruhaan points out. You have no notion that she tried to kill me, but according to Dadi, she committed a crime by pretending to be in love with you so that she might marry Haider. She pushed me down the stairs, and she’s the one wreaking havoc on this household. I don’t know if Ruhaan is telling the truth or not, he says.

Gazal has been called a liar by Gulnaz. According to Ruhaan, I shall investigate this on my own. From there, he departs. According to Dadi, Ruhaan is entirely caught in Gazal’s net. After successfully avoiding detection, Ruhaan steals the weapon and flees the scene. Gulnaz assures me that I will contact Ruhaan.I warned you not to trust Dua, Gazal tells Hina, and now the company is in jeopardy. As she chuckles, Hina warns her that the opportunity presented by Dua’s actions today is not shared equally between the two of them. She explains that Haider has been looking out for Dua because he feels bad about what he did to her, but that today he said she deserved punishment, so now is a good time to break them up. The only solution is to kick her out. The concept appeals to Gazal.

Episode is over.

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