Faltu Written Episode Update for July 27, 2023: Faltu runs into Ayaan

Faltu arrives at Mittal’s office to begin the episode. Is Faltu at your location, Ayaan queries. Neil requests that Dada ji tell Ayaan. He claims that Faltu was given a home and that we are now taking care of her. Faltu shows up at work. She requests the woman to give the file to Brijmohan while hiding her face. After hearing her, Kinshuk exclaims Faltu Bhabhi. She queries who and what. She is asked to reveal her face. As soon as he notices her face, he tells her, “Faltu Bhabhi, Ayaan is so concerned for you. Come meet him.” She departs. He commands her to halt. She rides off in a motorized rickshaw. Is this true? Ayaan queries. Dada ji confirms that Faltu is residing with us in our home. When Neil was in Nasik and became ill, she saved his life for the benefit of humanity. I was unable to return the favor, so I provided refuge for her while she was seeking for work. I also informed her father and assumed responsibility for her. Upon hearing that he had found Faltu, Ayaan thanked him and begged him to arrange for them to meet. Neil is silly to tell you, says Dada ji, I promised Faltu that I wouldn’t talk about her. Faltu reportedly arrived to deliver a file, but she later fled. Did you not state that I wish to apologize?, Ayaan inquires.

Kinshuk claims that even though I told her everything, she fled. It’s okay, Ayaan replies; she won’t go too far. Take us home, Janardhan commands. I’ll speak with Faltu and persuade her that Ayaan has realized his error, ripped the divorce papers, and now he doesn’t want to divorce her. I implore you to arrange for them to meet once. Looking for Faltu is Ayaan. Ayaan is saved by Kinshuk from a van. Ayaan considers how to approach her. Faltu drinks water when he gets home. When Kaka inquires about your whereabouts and whether everything is well, I worry and consider calling Dada ji. She claims that I went to give Dada ji a file. Ayaan requests that Dada ji drive him home. He implores Neil and Dada ji. Make me meet my Faltu, he begs. Calm down, Dada ji tells you; I’ll phone and see if she made it home. Neil questions why all the crying drama after you served her with divorce papers. Dada Ji dials the house. He queries Faltu. Kaka claims to have returned home. Don’t let her go anyplace, according to Dada ji. Please take me home, Ayaan begs. I will be happy if you can mend fences since Dada Ji says I’ll make you meet her, but she won’t meet you because she informed her dad she won’t stay with you and she was weeping. Make me meet her once, says Ayaan. Okay, replies Dada ji.

Tanu is told by Sid everything. She inquires about the address. What will you do there, he inquires? Sid objects, saying, “We won’t go there.” Faltu frets. Kaka tells her to relax and drink some ginger tea. The doorbell chimes. She goes to the door to check it. I should be there, according to Savita. Ayaan will persuade Faltu, claims Tanu. I’m terrified, she’ll break his heart, I can’t look at him like this, she won’t come back because she has ego, I’m going there, and I should be with Ayaan, Savita claims. Opening the door is Faltu. She claims I went there to deliver the file, did Ayaan have any doubts about my whereabouts, and how you handled the situation. Dada ji and Neil enter the house after being silent. She queries, “Tell me what happened.” We couldn’t lie, according to Dada Ji, as Kinshuk had seen you. Ayaan arrives at home with Neil and Dada ji. When Faltu sees him, she sobs. Janardhan comes as well. According to Sid, Janardhan asked us not to go there lest the situation be ruined. Sid claims that Ayaan mistreated Faltu and that we should help him resolve the issue if we care about his happiness. Savita claims that I won’t accept Faltu because he can’t make her happy. We’re here to take you home, Janardhan says; come. Come home, I know everything, Ruhaan told me everything, I have made a major error, please forgive me, says Ayaan. She responds, “Okay, Ruhaan told the truth; he didn’t tell you; Neil and I are together; I’m done with you; Neil is wealthy; he has no issue with my playing cricket; his family is small; why shall I come with you.” I understand why you keep repeating my statements, Ayaan says. Please accept my apology. She responds, “No, you messed up by marrying a girl like me, enough, forgive me, your eyes got opened, you shouldn’t repeat the mistake, and I’ve moved on.” She expresses regret to Janardhan. She sobs, “I can’t do this all the time.” Forgive me once more, Ayaan begs, and I swear I won’t make the same error again. He sobs.

Tomorrow Recap : Neil claims that Ayaan has sent these. I don’t want this, Faltu declares. Ayaan apologizes to her when he gets home.

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