Written Episode Yeh Hai Chahatein 29 July 2023 – Warning Signs for Nitya

Written Episode Yeh Hai Chahatein 29 July 2023 – Warning Signs for Nitya

Kashvi brings Arjun to Dadaji’s room and introduces them as friends. The sight of his Dadaji alive has startled and moved Arjun. Romila and Keval go back to the Bajwa residence. They are invited to supper by Jagadish and Nitya. They report having eaten outside and now wish to relax. Romila brings a necklace box into Nitya’s room, where she contemplates telling her that she gave Nitya’s real necklace to Mahima and that she will now secretly store this replica in a closet. The sight of a drawer key makes her even happier. Kashvi tells Arjun that she met Dadaji at an ashram in Haridwar and learned about him from Kabir.

She elaborates on how Samrat tracked down Dadaji in Haridwar, expressing her skepticism that Aruna was responsible for the deaths of Samrat and Nayan given that Samrat was aware of Aruna’s role in an attempted assassination of Dadaji ten years prior. Arjun is floored by these revelations.Kashvi goes on to say that Dadaji was attacked in Faridabad as well, and at first she blamed Arjun before learning from Daadi that he had rescued the Sabharwal family from a fire mishap at the same time as the attack on Dadaji. She talks about how relieved she felt when she realized that Arjun wasn’t trying to hurt her. Arjun demands a meeting with Dadaji.

According to Kashvi, Dadaji’s reaction upon viewing his portrait was immediate. Arjun disagrees and decides to see Dadaji about it. Kashvi tells Kabir that Arjun visited Dadaji while he was gone. According to Kabir, Dadaji could have another panic episode. They make a beeline for Dadaji’s chambers. After rousing Dadaji, Arjun declares his undying affection for him. Dadaji, too, becomes visibly moved upon seeing Arjun, touching the boy’s face. Kashvi is relieved to see that.Kashvi and Arjun get back to their house first. Jagadish inquires as to their whereabouts until quite late.

Dadaji is wheeled in by Arjun. When Jagadish discovers that his father is still alive, he is overcome with emotion. Nitya is taken aback to find her FIL at her house and considers making a quick exit before he finds out the truth. According to Kashvi, Dadaji’s injury ten years ago left him speechless and paralyzed. Nitya gives thanks to God that he is the one who intervenes and motivates her to perform. Since Dadaji knows she will do everything to protect herself, she pretends to be shocked to see him alive, gives him a hug, and whispers in his ears not to be so terrified of her and expose the truth. Jagadish inquires of Kashvi of her discovery of Dadaji. Kashvi tells it how it is.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Arjun tells Jagadish that Dadaji has been attacked twice in the past decade, once 10 years ago and again today. Jagadish wonders who would be so malicious. Kashvi claims she has reason to believe a close relative attacked Dadaji. The policing commissioner steps in and declares that the mystery has been solved. Nitya becomes anxious.

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