Written Episode Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2023 – Abhir has failed

Written Episode Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2023 – Abhir has failed

Abhinav enters the room at the beginning of the episode and finds Akshu watching Abhir’s video. The memory of capturing their tender moment brings a grin to his face. The media has paused. I was getting Abhir ready for school when she asked if I had seen him. The video, so he says, has you captivated. A dizziness sets in. He orders her to the ground. He insists that nothing will develop. The search is on for Abhir. Aarohi inquires with Abhir’s classmates. Did you find him, Anand inquires. No, says Nishta. Did you get into it with Abhir, Shefali probes.

This is a firm “no” from Shivu. She claims he is your sibling; if this is the case, please fill me in. As for Shivu, Parth begs her to keep it down. Taking Shivu, Nishta. A brawl breaks out between Parth and Shefali. Everybody watches this. According to Ruhi, Abhir promised to give a call once he got to the train station. Abhi interrupts, “Please stop. My son has gone missing. Apologies from Shefali. After calling his buddies, Aarohi found that he was indeed absent. Ruhi insists I contact him, so I will. Abhi interrupts her and inquires, “Do you know where Abhir went?” Abhir will soon arrive. He is currently napping. The driver spots him in the rearview. Abhi begs, “Tell me,” pleadingly. The negative sign from Ruhi. For the sake of Akshu and Abhir, Abhi prays to Mahadev.The doctor has confirmed that Abhir is, in fact, your son. I’m not able to acquire him, according to Abhinav. The doctor has recommended that we admit her to the hospital; I am aware of the poor road conditions, but we must get her there. Abhinav insists, “There is a way; I need your assistance; you go to the hospital and make all the preparations.” Muskaan contacts Abhinav by phone. The call goes unnoticed by him. Where are you going, asks Kairav. Abhi’s home, she reveals. Aarohi suggests we contact Kairav. In accordance with Manjiri’s pronouncement, we shall travel there. No one will visit, according to Abhi. No, says Kairav. If Muskaan has anything to say about it, I will give it my all. Abhi claims Abhir would not have gone there, thus we need to report it to the police. According to Muskaan, I must bring Abhir to Akshu. Kairav interrupts her. I’ll go with you, he promises, so you won’t be alone. There’s a grin on her face. They are leaving. Abhi asks God to bless Abhir. Abhir opens his eyes and reaches for the car door handle. His cries of “help, mom, and dad, save me” echo through the neighborhood. Our driver has arrived. Abhir is frightened. The car’s driver lets us in. Abhir leaves. A driver has cornered him. Why did you bring me here, Abhir demands. The driver thanks you for bringing him here, saying, “The car got punctured here, and we came here to fix it; you were telling me the way and you fell asleep.” Abhir is worried that I won’t make it to Kasauli because I missed the train. The driver says, “I’ll take you to where we’ll pick you up.” Abhir insists that I must visit mumma. The cabbie asked for contact information so he could contact the family. Abhir says to the couple, “My mom and dad are here; I had to come here; take the money; thanks; I’ll go.” The driver says, “Let them in.” It’s not me, Abhir says; I’ll go instead. We lose our driver.Abhir says he would visit the nearest train station because he almost missed the train today. Abhinav is given a secured seat. When Abhir was born, he drove Akshu to the hospital. Keep your wits about you for the sake of our Abhir; he claims that six years ago, during a comparable storm, I rushed you to the hospital, and we will do the same today.Sorry, I lied about Abhir, Ruhi confesses; she plans to call him right away. According to Abhir, rain is on the way. Ruhi remembers his number and gives him a call. According to Abhir, Ruhi would be waiting. Eventually, he gives her a ring. Their phone rings constantly. They are contemplating a delay. Abhi thinks back on what Akshu said. Manjiri breaks down into tears upon seeing him. The phone rings, and it’s Ruhi calling Abhir. A collapse follows his stumbling. He takes the handset and looks at the screen. A mumma from him, he says…. Akshu opens his eyes and calls out, “Abhir!” Abhinav offers her some water. The glass is thrown by her. What do you want, he inquires. According to what she’s saying, Abhir has a problem. You have a high temperature, he continues; we need to get you to the hospital immediately. My anxiety over him, she claims. I swear I will force you to communicate with him before we leave for the hospital, he says. No, she insists, I need to speak with him. Abhir sobs and screams out for his mom.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Abhir says, “I got to another place; how am I supposed to get to Mumma from here?” According to the inspector, this is not a kidnapping. Akshu is concerned about Abhir.

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