Written Episode Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28 July 2023 – When Arjun Meets Kashvi

Written Episode Update Yeh Hai Chahatein 28 July 2023 – When Arjun Meets Kashvi

Kashvi appreciates Arjun standing up for her in front of her relatives. Since he was protecting his wife’s honor, Arjun thinks she should keep her gratitude to herself. He knows she saw Kabir in Haridwar, traveled to Faridabad with him, ate chole bhature with him while pretending to be on her way from Haridwar, lied to him last night and went to visit Kabir, etc., so he naturally wants to know why she lied to him and went to see Kabir instead of Sabharwal. If she is having an affair with Kabir, he wants to know about it. He also wants to know if she has given any thought to how he will feel as her husband and best friend. Kashvi is convinced that she cannot tell him the truth.

Arjun yells back at him in response. Kashvi asks what she should say in response to his claim that he has already made up his mind about her affair bringing shame to the family name. Arjun storms off in a huff.Kashvi is convinced that Arjun is aware of Dadaji and that he attempted to assassinate Dadaji since he knows she traveled to Faridabad with Kabir. She claims to have known Arjun since they were kids and that he is harmless, but if Dadaji’s reaction to seeing a photo of Arjun is any indication, she has been fooled. Kabir gives Kashvi a call to let her know that he and Kashvi have safely returned. Kashvi sobs, admitting that he was correct in his assessment that the assailant was the same person who had previously attempted to kill Dadaji; she identifies Arjun as the perpetrator, believing that Arjun spotted them in Faridabad and then followed her to the hotel room. Kabir is taken aback by this information.Mahima and Pradyuman run into Romila and Keval. Mahima inquires as to why they came, and if it’s for money, she declines to assist. They give her a jewelry and claim they aren’t after her money. Romila claims that Daadi didn’t want to bring a present for Mahima or invite anyone to her wedding, but that they do since they think of Mahima as their daughter. Pradyuman appreciates their care and attention. They leave, discussing how they duped Mahima out of her money by giving her a false necklace. In front of Kashvi, Kashvi breaks down and talks all the arguments she and Arjun had. Daadi gushes about Arjun, calling him a “good boy,” and recalling the day he saved their lives in a fire. She tells him that Arjun is the ideal person to spend the rest of her life with.Kashvi is certain that Arjun is not responsible for the attempt on Dadaji’s life. She approaches him, telling him she has something to tell him. Arjun refuses to learn and instead vents his envy toward Kabir. Kashvi beams and admits that it makes her happy to see him envious. Although Arjun claims he is not jealous of Kabir, he is irritated at him. Kashvi insists that she does not consider Kabir to be more than a buddy. Arjun probes her honesty by asking if it’s really real. Kashvi tells her to study her face in order to get a read on whether or not she is being truthful. He believes her since she is telling the truth and is not picking her nose. Kashvi tells him she has something to show him and then drives them to Kabir’s place. When Arjun sees Kabir, he becomes enraged. The fight between them begins. After hearing that Arjun attacked Dadaji, Kabir questions Kashvi about why she brought him here. Kashvi claims that Arjun did not fight Dadaji since he was trying to save her family from a fire at the time. Arjun said she is making his head spin. She leads Dadaji to a private room and gives him a tour. A stunned Arjun looks on.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Dadaji is welcomed into his home by Arjun. Nitya is so taken aback by Dadaji that she breaks plates. Arjun tells Jagadish that ten years ago, someone attempted to kill Dadaji. The police commissioner has stated that a motive for this has been identified. Nitya is tensely waiting.

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