Written Episode Update Titli 28th July 2023 – It’s time for Titli to face Garv

Written Episode Update Titli 28th July 2023 – It’s time for Titli to face Garv

At the outset of the episode, Garv confronts Titli about her tears. He continues, “I get it, you are thinking of the big drama, but still I got this gift for you, you are imp, our relation is imp, we were going to give a new turn to this relation, we won’t spoil this moment because of a stupid incident.” She tries to bring up the subject. He continues, “I don’t want to talk, what did I do, did I do wrong to stop Kabir? If he weren’t Adi’s brother, I would have murdered him. She sobs, “What about me? You pushed me,” she says. He reflects on the incident and tells you that it was your fault for interfering in the fight between the two men, adding, “Yes, I was angry and reacted like that; I wasn’t fighting with you.” But you didn’t even bring it up, she says. I’m concerned about you, he continues, and if you’re harmed you shouldn’t have gotten in the way. She claims, “I was trying to stop you, but you pushed me and didn’t even look at me; you didn’t even think of me; maybe you don’t even realize what wrong you did; it’s making me crazy to think about it.” He says that’s exactly the issue: you’re thinking too much; he and I both become too emotional when we drink, so don’t worry about it. Disagreement arises between them. The key, he argues, is to live in the now. She escapes and ultimately says no. He claims that because you intervened, it is his fault that he damaged his wife. He also claims that he fought for her and that she is his first concern. Because of his anger, he leaves. I should have known you wouldn’t let me go, he says. He takes a 180° spin and misses her completely. Eventually, he leaves. There are tears in her eyes. He accelerates the automobile, thinking back on what she said. Concerned, she gives him a call. Adi’s mum gives Monica a lecture. Adi insists that you shouldn’t put the responsibility on her. The advice from his mother was to cut ties with them. A tearful Monica. She finds solace in Adi’s words.

Titli is still in bed this morning. Garv arrives and rouses her. The sight of her makes her happy. She claims I called you a lot but you never picked up. He claims your belief that I will purposefully push you is sincere. No, she adds, I was upset and you never even apologized, and that really bothered me. He apologises and says he’s sorry. They embrace one another and exchange heartfelt expressions of affection. Awakening, she opens her eyes.

Not according to her, anyway. When Koel heard the door open, he assumed Garv had woken up. He answers her summons. Where is Garv, she inquires. Titli denies attendance. What do you mean, he hasn’t shown up all night? Koel inquires. Titli has denied the claim. Koel gives her an earful. Maina and the gang show up. Koel claims that Garv was not at home. According to Dhrishti, Garv sneaked in during the night, and I overheard him and Titli arguing. Did you get into a fight with him? Koel probes. Maina assures us that everything will be fine. Koel is curious as to why you clashed with him. According to Titli, he shoved me. Koel probes whether or not it was a deliberate act. Titli has denied the claim. Koel gives her an earful. According to Maina, we need to locate Garv. She places a call to Garv. Titli starts to fret and wonders where Garv is. When Koel calls, he answers. He picks up the phone and talks to them. She invites him to return to the house. I’ll get my stuff together and meet him, he says.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Garv spots a truck heading in the direction of Titli. He accidentally hurts himself while trying to push her. Garv! yells Titli.


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