Written Episode Update Radha Mohan July 28, 2023 – Radha is taken into custody for Tulsi’s murder.

Written Episode Update Radha Mohan July 28, 2023 – Radha is taken into custody for Tulsi’s murder.

Radha, concerned about Mohan jee’s whereabouts, is slapped by a female constable, who then announces that she is arresting Radha for the murder of his first wife, Tulsi. When Mohan inquires as to who filed the complaint against Radha, Rahul replies, “I did.” When Mohan presses Rahul further, however,

Rahul refers him to Gungun, who confirms that Radha did indeed murder his mother, Tulsi.Prior to Kans’s signaling Damini’s arrival, Gungun requests Narmada to accompany her. Radha feels pleased with herself because she remembers Mohan asking her to open her braids, and now she believes Mohan has earned the right to be her husband. Radha selects the bangles that she begins wearing in her wrist, and she does it while thinking only of Mohan, and while thinking specifically of the ways in which Mohan would taunt her from time to time.

Radha can’t help but grin at the thought.While Radha is getting ready, Mohan pulls over in the market and begins buying a bouquet of flowers, including some jasmine flowers as a special treat for her. Mohan is about to get back in his car when he spots a shop and asks for some snacks, mentioning that they are his wife’s favorite. Radha appears happy. Mohan, while sitting in his car, decides he cannot wait any longer to tell Radha how much he loves her, so he picks up the ring and says the words.After reading the letters, Narmada mentions that Radha has done all these things with her daughter. When Tulsi arrives, she denies writing anything of the sort.

Kans then phones Damini to notify her that they have definitely hit their mark. Radha should get dressed, according to Damini, because today is the final day she will wear anything but a white saree.As he drives home, Mohan is overcome with joy; he looks at the ring and remembers how much he loves Radha and how she always puts her trust in him, despite his constant teasing. Even though the truck driver keeps screaming his horn, Mohan is too preoccupied with his ring to pay attention to his surroundings.When Radha’s aunt tells her that only her husband’s name is written on her hand, Radha points out that Gungun is the reason she met her husband and that without him, her life would be without something.Tulsi begs Narmada to stop crying, explaining that she did not write the letters her mother has been reading.When Radha hears the horn honking, she gets so excited that she runs before her aunt has finished applying Mehandi.

She starts running towards the door but stops as she is unable to find anyone, so she gets really worried. Radha turns back after getting sad when Damini exclaims Radha must get ready to wear the white saree. Radha turns back after getting sad thinking Mohan jee said he will come back very soon, but then why hasn’t he come back till now.When Mohan asks the female constable how she managed to raise her hand, the male officers intervene and take Radha’s hands instead. Kadambari arrives and demands to know why the officers have detained her daughter-in-law; Radha, for her part, wonders aloud what she has done as the female officers cuff her wrists. When they hear that, they’re all taken aback.

While the rest of the Trivedi family is laughing and smiling, Ajeet can’t help but be shocked. When Mohan inquires as to what she is saying, the female officer reveals that she is arresting Mohan’s second wife Radha for the murder of his first wife Tulsi. Tulsi probes them for their conversation’s subject.They should ask the individual who submitted the allegation, the female police officer advises Kadambari and Mohan after Kadambari says that Radha is incapable of committing a murder. Rahul, who is seen behind Mohan, claims that he is the complainant. When Mohan points out that Radha would never intentionally kill anyone, Rahul says that Mohan should ask Gungun if he’s lost his mind, since it was Gungun who requested the police report be filed. Upon hearing this, Damini breaks into a grin.Gungun, Narmada, and Kans are standing there with the box; Radha is taken aback at seeing her, especially after Tulsi says that she has not written the letters and that Radha is incapable of such a thing. After Gungun accuses Radha of killing her mother, the entire family is taken aback when she comes forward and says she urged Rahul’s uncle to submit the complaint at the police. Mohan interrogates Gungun, and Radha is shook as a result. Tulsi is confused as to why Gungun would send such phony letters, and she feels helpless as she is unable to defend Radha or even explain the situation to anyone.Narmada confirms Radha’s painful realization that Gungun truly believes she is responsible for the death of her mother, Tulsi. Since Tulsi has not authored those letters, she questions why people cannot see the reality.

Kadambari speculates that the spirit of Tulsi has spoken with her mother since Narmada walks to stand in front of Radha, accusing her of murdering Tulsi, and Radha can’t defend herself against this crime because Tulsi herself has exposed the truth. According to Narmada, Tulsi’s letters written before her death are evidence that Radha was responsible for her death. When Narmada reveals that she, too, has learned the truth through reading it, Rahul admits that it is for this reason why he went to the police. Tulsi claims to have confidence that Radha is innocent of her murder.Gungun responds to Dadi’s question regarding whether or not she believes Radha is capable of killing someone by saying that she, too, had believed she knew Rdha very well and was overjoyed that Radha had become her mother, but that the letter has shown the truth about her, and she now realizes that Radha was just lying and acting. Radha’s heart is shattered after hearing Gungun claim she hates her. Damini agrees with the adage that children are innocent because they take at face value the things they are told.When the female constable tells Radha that the jail is ready and waiting for her, she stops to ask if Mohan truly believes she can kill Tulsi.

When Mohan does not respond to Radha’s call, she explains that she has not done anything of the sort, and then she calls Mohan. Tulsi also encourages Mohan to speak up rather than being quiet.Mohan doesn’t say a word when Kadambari tells him to intervene since they’re taking Radha; instead, he turns around with tears in his eyes as Radha insists she hasn’t done anything wrong before Gungun stops him. Radha tries to reason with Mohan by insisting that she is innocent. Mohan looks back in disbelief and sees Gungun’s enraged face. Damini and Kaveri are happy because they believe their strategy has succeeded. Tulsi exclaims that Damini has stooped to a new low by manipulating a child for her own ends, Gungun hands Mohan the letter, which he takes and quickly opens to read, all while Radha calls Mohan to insist that she is innocent and begs him not to have her arrested. After reading the letter, Mohan is in shock, but Radha won’t stop calling.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Radha begs the constable to address her as “Mohan jee” because of her innocence, but instead she gets slapped. While Radha is being tortured by the officer, she repeatedly calls out for Mohan jee and Kaveri reports back that Damini told her Radha would be wearing a white saree for Tej. The officer then asks Radha to remove her jewelry and Mangal Sutur, but she refuses because they are symbols of her marriage.

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