Written Episode Update Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 July 2023 – A murder attempt on Hamida by Ruhaan.

Written Episode Update Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 July 2023 – A murder attempt on Hamida by Ruhaan.

In the first scene, Hamida convinces Dua to have faith in her because doing so will save her family. Dua says all right, there’s something else I have to tell youu. Dua answers the door and is taken aback to see hafeez and Kaynaat standing there. Hamida is confident that I already know what Dua wants to discuss, but I am not yet emotionally prepared to do so. Dua invites them inside, informing Hamida that Hafeez has something to say. Hamida confronts Hafeez, asking if he continues to hang out with the daughter of her enemy. She teases Kaynaat by saying that she can’t trust anyone in the house since her mother is a selfish woman. I have to rest, she adds, and she glares at me before she walks away. When Kaynaat begins to cry, Hafeez tries to comfort her. She will never accept our relationship, according to what Kaynaat says. According to Dua, she will recognize your goodness. Dua considers broaching the subject with Hamida.

Gazal tries to coax the donkey into eating grass, but the animal refuses. She yells at him, then Hamida arrives, and Gazal pretends to care for him as everyone else laughs at her. The donkey was looking for a bride, and Hamida thinks he may have found it in Gazal. She urges Gazal to continue caring for him. Gazal is asked if she has feelings for him. Perhaps not, especially if you’re solely interested in married males. If Haider was stupid to marry Gazal, she wants to know. You must think we’re stupid. Haider sneaks out of the room. After hearing it, Ruhaan becomes enraged. He returns to his room, vowing to use the gun on not only Dua and Haider but also Hamida. He grabs his weapon and heads for the bar. Hamida informs everyone that the donkey has feelings for Gazal. Gazal is horrified to see Ruhaan approaching with the rifle. Because of their collision, she manages to successfully conceal his weapon. What does Hamida mean when she says that Gazal is choosing between Haider and Ruhaan? Stop it with the criticism of Gazal; Ruhaan has said enough. Hamida is amazed and exclaims, “Is this old love?” Is your bhabhi still your one true love? The answer is “no” in Ruhaan’s opinion. I just want peace and quiet at home; you don’t seem to enjoy these discussions. What about the harmony in your family, Hamida asks after you abandon Gazal at the altar. That’s what Ruhaan thinks, though; he thinks Dua forced me to do it. Hamida has told you to shut up. Hamida is asked to leave by Dadi. In a hushed voice, Gazal tells ruhaan to leave. He storms off in a huff while Gazal ducks beneath a table to conceal the weapon. Hamida agrees with Dua that he has feelings for her.

Gazal confronts Ruhaan, asking him if he’s lost his mind. My scheme wouldn’t have worked if Hamida hadn’t made it. I just don’t see people making fun of you, adds Ruhaan. Gazal warns that losing your temper may ruin the chances of saving the family business and Haider and Dua’s marriage. Ruhaan embraces her and says, “I can’t wait to make you mine, let’s run away from here and we can live happily together.” What does Gazal have to say about our plan? Ignore Dua and Haider, adds Ruhaan; we don’t need them to ruin our lives. Gazal watches. The donkey arrives and collides with them. I’m going to murder him, Ruhaan says. He promises not to do anything dumb and then leaves when Gazal tells him to cool down. Gazal expresses gratitude to the donkey for his timely rescue.

Hamida and Dua are seated together. There, Haider thanks Hamida in person. Why, she inquires. He credits you with getting Dua to join our team.

To prevent Ruhaan from using the gun on Hamida, Gazal decides to hide it.

Episode is over.


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