Written Episode Update Maitree 28th July 2023

Written Episode Update Maitree 28th July 2023

In addition to telling Maitree that Nandish won’t be attending class for the next week, Nandish’s teacher also mentions how often Nandish has been caught using his cell phone in class.

Maitree complains to Nandish’s teacher that he never shows up to class, despite the fact that Nadish leaves for school every day from their home. Where is Nandish, Maitree wonders.Since there are just children in the car, the driver begs Dinesh to let them out. A police officer arrives and reports that there is evidence in the car. From there, Dinesh will depart. The driver of the car speeds off. Since Dinesh didn’t notice him, Nandish can now relax.Since Nandish is keeping a lot of information from them, Maitree is concerned about what might be going on.

For Maitree’s sake, she prays that Nandish’s is fine.The auto driver, known as “Babu uncle,” instructs the youngsters to open their parcel. The items are removed from the children’s bags. Uncle Babu hands Ganga a packet of drugs. Ganga tries some of the medicine and likes it. Nandish pleads with Babu uncle to let them depart, saying that they have completed their mission. The opinion of Babu uncle is not shared. Babu dials Sattu Bhai’s number to get some advice on how to occupy the youngsters. Babu is asked to tuck the youngsters in by Sattu bhai. What you say, Babu. Babu explains to Ganga that Sattu bhai requested that they put the children to bed. The children insist they simply cannot sleep.

Ganga orders them to be quiet. Babu medicates the children and puts them to bed.The police, led by Dinesh, plan an ambush for the drug dealers. But Ganga finds out that the police have tracked them down. This is where Ganga and Babu will depart. Maitree dials Nandish’s number to inquire about his whereabouts. All the kids appear to be fast asleep. The phone of Nandish is seen to be ringing. When Dinesh and the police raid the drug dealers’ lair, they find it empty. The kids are seen trying to avoid the police. Dinesh urges the police to check the entire building, but he gets a call and has to leave with them all. After Disnesh went, Nandish felt a sense of relief. Since Nandish is avoiding Maitree’s calls, she wonders what’s going on.Maitree stays at home to await Nandish’s return. What happened to Nandish, Maitree wonders? Nadish claims to have attended university. Maitree invites Nadish to have refreshments with them. Nandish claims he’s full and heads for the second floor.Maitree ponders Nandish’s situation. She makes up her mind to investigate further.

Juhi and Swayam request more noodles from Maitree. Totally agree with you, Maitree. Nandish shuts the door to his room and doesn’t even bother to change clothes. When Maitree visits Nandish, she discovers that his door is shut. She reflects on some stern words of instruction. Nandish is questioned by her as to his well-being. Nandish remembers Sampath’s words of caution and requests that Maitree go. In a fit of rage, he hurls the bat. Concerned, Maitree declares that she will destroy the lock.Nandish welcomes us inside. Maitree gives him a hug and presses him for details. While Nandish is attempting to tell her, he gets a call from Sattu. Instead of continuing the conversation, Nandish has Maitree make him some aloo paratha. Nandish answers his phone. Next day delivery will be at 11 a.m., Sattu informs Nandish. Nandish claims he has to be in class every day, therefore he might not show up. Sattu calls it a directive. Strangely criminal for his circumstances.Maitree checks on Nandish later and finds him sound asleep in his room. She sees that Nandish has locked up all of his belongings.

A summons from Harsh brings Maitree in. He asks her if she’s still worried about Nandish while trying to charm her. Maitreya explains that she was unable to give Nandish her whole attention. He insists she did nothing wrong. Maitree chooses to investigate Nandish’s current situation.The following morning, Maitree visits Nandish’s room to inform him that she would be dropping him off to school. Nandish claims he has a headache and hence must miss class. Maitreya promises to contact Doctor. Nandish insists it’s unnecessary. Maitrey promises to provide him with food and medication. This is likely Maitree’s last day. She exits when her phone makes a beeping noise.

Nandish looks at his watch and gets anxious because it’s already 11 a.m. When Sattu has to contact someone at Tiwari Sadan, he rings the doorbell. In a rush, Nandish answers the door and accepts the package. Maitree wants to know what it is. It’s a cell sack, a falsehood from Nandish. He quickly locks the door and heads upstairs. As Maitree’s suspicions about Nandish’s odd conduct develop, she sets out to uncover the truth.

Episode is over.

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