Written Episode Update Kundali Bhagya 28 July 2023 – In the police station, Preeta issues a warning to Nidhi

Written Episode Update Kundali Bhagya 28 July 2023 – In the police station, Preeta issues a warning to Nidhi

Karan is behind the wheel when Nidhi asks him what’s on his mind. He responds that he’s been thinking about how he never had to worry about these things because he always had the support of her and that whatever she said was always true. Nidhi thinks she won’t ask him who he’s talking about, so when Karan asks if she won’t ask him, she says no.

Kavya asks Rakhi why Shaurya is acting this way, and Rakhi assures her that just as quickly as Shaurya gets mad, he also calms down very quickly. Kavya then expresses her wish that her mother had been present, saying that she would have taken care of everything very quickly and even her presence would have made sure that all the things were taken care of. Kavya claims that everytime she is in trouble, she imagines that Preeta will appear and reassure her that everything is fine. Rakhi comforts Kavya once more by expressing that she prays to Mata Rani that Kavya would be reunited with her mother, and that she knows Mata Rani will always grant her wishes.

Rajveer tells Preeta that he knows the Luthra’s better than she does, and that they only care about the money, so he doesn’t want her to be embarrassed by talking to them. Preeta tells Rajveer that he does not deserve this treatment, and that he should take a look at his condition. Mohit exclaimed that Preeta ji is really a good person and that she took care of both of her sons after Preeta said that she would not have let Shaurya remain here and that she had retracted her complaint. When Preeta asks the Inspector if he believes Rajveer is capable of such a thing, the Inspector storms off, declaring he is not interested in hearing any more of her ramblings. Preeta follows the Inspector to the cabin, but he tells her to leave the office since the new Inspector might be angry at him for leaving before hearing the other side of the story from Rajveer (who filed the FIR).

When Nidhi asks where they’re going, the constable pulls Rajveer out of the cell and says, “The constables can do their work.” Rajveer tells her to be quiet because she doesn’t talk to thieves, but Nidhi counters that he can reply to her when she accuses him of being a thief, and that even Shaurya is capable of doing so. Nidhi yells at Rajveer to stop trying to take her son’s name out of his mouth, and she goes to slap him, but she is interrupted by Preeta, who says that Nidhi made the same mistake once before when she wasn’t with Rajveer, but that this time she won’t let her do it because she will break the hands of anyone who tries to misbehave with her son. Preeta questioned the issue, saying that her kid had not done anything wrong and that she should voice her complaints verbally rather than physically. As Preeta points out, Nidhi has no business trying to explain the matter to a minor, and she has every confidence that Rajveer will never steal thanks to the upbringing she has provided him. Nidhi, in astonishment, takes the name Preeta, which causes her and the police officer to both be taken aback.Shaurya is sitting with the injured hand when Kavya comes in with the first aid kit; he tells her he doesn’t need her fake love and that she should go show this affection to her favorite brother, Rajveer; kavya angrily forces him to sit, saying that she just needs to take care of it, and he responds that he has never asked for this favor from her. Again, Shaurya insists that Rajveer requires her assistance rather than his, and he departs.Karan parks his car and walks into the police station, where he immediately becomes concerned about Preeta’s whereabouts and the length of time she plans to remain hidden after learning that Rajveer is under arrest. Karan looks up to the sky and prays to Bhagwan, telling him that he misses Preeta and that he wishes Bhagwan would send her to him as a sign that there is someone in the world who misses her and whose heart just beats for her. Karan also reveals that not only he but his entire family is broken because nothing is the same as before and that he believes he will end all the problems if he is reunited with Pre Karan breaks down in tears and explains that both he and Rajveer need her love and support, thus he deserves one last chance.Preeta sees Nidhi’s shock, Rajveer speculates that Nidhi’s mother is trying to recall Nidhi’s aunti’s face and that they could be in serious trouble if he stays to listen to her, Preeta agrees that she doesn’t want to give Nidhi a chance to speak, Rajveer leaves, and Preeta returns to Mohit, promising to help him escape and explaining that the Inspector said he has

Nidhi is so shocked to see Preeta and Rajveer leave that she turns around in a daze, remembering how Shristhi had threatened them at the Luthra Mansion by claiming that Rajveer was her son; Nidhi had also questioned Rajveer in the office about the truth about Preeta, but he had lied. Nidhi is convinced that Rajveer is Preeta’s son because he had the opportunity to refer to her as aunt but chose not to. Nidhi, now going by Preeta, is taken aback when she turns around and sees Karan standing behind her, asking her numerous questions about what happened because he can tell she is visibly distressed; Nidhi, however, remains silent, making Karan all the more enraged.Kavya is sitting when she receives a call from Varun, who tells her that he wants to get married this year because he is in love with her and that if they don’t, he will marry someone else. Varun says that because she already knew the truth before he told her, he can tell that she is anxious and that she should tell him. Kavya reveals that Shaurya is upset with her because he thinks she gives Rajveer too much attention. In response to Kavya’s concern, Varun suggested she take a break and give him time to recover, promising to keep his phone by his side so she could reach him at any moment.

Nidhi recalls that Karan had previously questioned her presence in the office, prompting her to ask, “What truth is he asking about?” Nidhi then turns the question around on Karan, asking, “What is he hiding as he wants to snatch everything from her?” Karan responds that he is asking, “What is she hiding,” but that Nidhi has instead raised so many questions that it hurts his feelings. Karan explains that he is unable to tell her anything at the moment since some details are still uncertain, and that he is leaving to speak with the police inspector. Nidhi worries that Preeta has gone inside and he is heading inside too, and that Karan would get emotional when Preeta says she is the mother of Rajveer. She asks herself how Rajveer can be the son of both Preeta and Shristhi, and decides she must first stop Karan so he does not see Preeta.

Episode is over.

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