Written Episode Update Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2023 – Akshay discovers Ranbir’s deception.

Written Episode Update Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2023 – Akshay discovers Ranbir’s deception.

At the beginning of the episode, Ranbir and Prachi are observing each other from a corner. Prachi aims to leave. Ranbir interrupts her. To find Prachi, Akshay searches. As the song plays, Ranbir places his hand in Prachi’s.Dida wonders why she bothered coming in the first place because she is afraid that if Pallavi yells at Prachi, then everyone would find out about her history. Why should Prachi be punished by Ranbir, she wonders.

After spotting Akshay, Pallavi approaches him. Dida starts to worry. Prachi says, “I am married,” before asking Ranbir to leave. No, replies Ranbir, I’m not getting married to you. Let me go, Prachi says. He wants to know if she can relate to what he’s been going through emotionally. My friend Prachi thinks I have responded. He claims it to be untrue. You want to hear what you want to hear, so I’m not lying, according to Prachi. She tells him to have this conversation with Mihika. If you ask Ranbir, you’re jealous. Prachi claims she isn’t envious of him because they aren’t romantically involved. Ranbir worries that he would make her envious and ponders his next move.The thief trips over Prachi and the salesgirl, and his stuff drops on the floor. He takes his anger out on her and demands that she apologize.

He promises that he will report you and not give you another chance to repeat this error. What am I doing wrong, the salesgirl wants to know. Prachi overhears and signals to the shop girl to follow her. Pallavi is known to Akshay. How is everyone doing at home, Pallavi inquires? Akshay observes. Is everything well, he inquires. According to Pallavi, he did not return home and is still in Bangalore. Akshay is convinced that Ranbir has secretly been staying at our place. He is about to say something to the effect that you are misinterpreting him. Akshay, Dida says, and she wants to know how he is doing. She invites Pallavi to accompany her. I need to have a word with him regarding Prachi, as relayed by Pallavi. Dida asks why you bring up Prachi so often. What happened to them, Akshay wonders.Prachi requests an apology from the man on behalf of the salesgirl. The man declines. Prachi confronts him, asking, “Why are you being so rude?” He responds, “Because we collided, I have every right to complain.” She threatens him she’ll call the police if he doesn’t come to see the manager.

She claims to be the sole keeper of this quaint little shop. The man becomes uncomfortable, expresses regret, and declares that he does not want police involvement. She is heard by Ranbir. The salesgirl expresses gratitude. Remember, Prachi urges her, you are not weak. The salesgirl must leave. Ranbir approaches Prachi and warns her to keep away from him because he gives off an air of arrogance and danger. Prachi says I can deal with potentially dangerous people. Ranbir confirms that you can count on me if you ever find yourself unable to. Prachi thanks you and assures you that my husband Akshay would take care of me. The man enters the courtroom and pulls out a weapon.Where is Prachi? Akshay inquires to Mihika. Mihika speculates that she is in a different group. When Divya arrives, she notices that Akshay’s hand is trembling and decides that this is not a good sign. He is quite serious about getting married, so he begs Mihika to keep an eye on Ranbir.

Mihika has answered in the affirmative. Akshay wonders why Ranbir’s relatives don’t know about you. Mihika has a question. Leave it, Akshay says, and he’ll ask Ranbir. He explains that if he had told his family about Mihika, they would have asked him a lot of questions. He hears that Ranbir’s mother has mentioned that he was in Bangalore and decides to investigate. Mihika visits Divya and inquires as to what took place. Divya remains silent. Mihika explains why everyone has taken on such an odd demeanor. The criminal emerges from his trial and polls his fellow thieves on their readiness. The manager inquires, “What do you need?” They flash the knife and demand payment, but he has neither. He is pushed by the robber.Mayank embraces Mihika and explains, “You have held him with these hands, and he has also touched you.” I can’t stand it when anyone else touches you, he says. You are mine and mine alone, he says, and I have every legal claim to you I want. Mihika becomes anxious and declares, “You’ve gone mad.” I am completely crazed about you, as Mayank puts it. Mihika, my Mihika, he says. You have no business being here, Mihika warns you. Ranbir overhears the man and assumes that he loves her a great deal because he sounds so smitten. Mayank is pushed by Mihika.

Ranbir decides he must go so as not to overhear their private conversation. After catching a sight of Ranbir, Pallavi reveals her emotions to Dida. She claims she can’t escape him. After running into Pallavi, Mihika leaves.Akshay and Prachi have a collision. Is there something wrong, Akshay inquires. No, replies Prachi. When Akshay sees that she isn’t smiling, he says, “Surely there is a problem,” and he presses her for an explanation. Prachi recalls Ranbir saying, “You came suddenly, and I was scared.” Akshay wants her to assure him that everything is fine by looking into his eyes. He reaches for her hand, but Prachi withdraws because he’s holding it too tightly.

When he tells you, “I love you,” he means it. He squeezes her hand and assures her that he isn’t making her say anything by declaring his love for her. Prachi says it’s awkward with me. I’m simply saying I love you, he adds, and he wants to know what he can do to earn your affection in return. He insists that he is your husband and that he loves you very much, and that he wants to continue their marriage to you. Prachi becomes anxious. When I joked, you took it seriously, Akshay says. Remove Prachi. The thought that he was kidding bothers Akshay since he really does love her and wants to be with her.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: The robber is threatening Ranbir with a revolver. Ranbir warns them against disrespecting the elderly woman. The mugger wants to know who will come to your aid. Abhay, Prachi, and Akshay have taken refuge in the courtroom. Prachi has expressed a desire to go out. Why does she want to leave, Akshay asks? Prachi claims that Akshay has asked her why she wants to depart. Prachi claims she must leave immediately since Ranbir is waiting for her outside. As soon as the door opens, she bolts. Akshay turns around to follow her when the mall security guards rush inside.

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