Written Episode Update Junooniyat July 27, 2023 – It’s Ilahi and Jordan.

Written Episode Update Junooniyat July 27, 2023 – It’s Ilahi and Jordan.

Jordan is yelling at Husna. Don’t yell at me, she warns. To be clear, my name is not Ilahi. I will not be frightened by you. Ilahi begged for a second opportunity so she could rescue her mother. She begged for a second chance. But you’re both anxious because she outthinks him. Jordan pushes her and tells her to be quiet. Then Mahip interrupts him. She orders everyone to leave Ilahi alone. Jordan is getting ready to push her. According to Ilahi, what’s going on? Jordyn claims she’s been rude to him and his mother. Husna promises to reveal all. Mahip claims she is quite rude. Husna disputes the assertion. According to Jordan, she was rude to both your husband and MIL. And I hope you leave this place forever. Husna assures me that I will visit him soon. Nothing will stop me now. Jordan guarantees that I will have you ejected. My friend Ilahi believes you have no right to insult him in this way. Your guy thinks he can insult me and my mother, he says. Mom, Ilahi tells you, I have no idea. Jordan insists that she is not a visitor. He storms off in a huff. Your acquaintance is so vile, Mahip tells Ilahi. She made fun of Jordan. Away with Mahip.Despite Ilahi’s best efforts, Husna’s phone is broken. Sadly, Ilahi is experiencing negative emotions. She overhears Biji’s cries. The health of Bau jji has improved. Allow me to take him to the hospital, Ilahi says. She suggests that bebe stay in. Ilahi picks up Bau ji and drives them to the clinic.

Jahan has joined us here at the clinic. How is Seerat, he inquires of the physician. Her fever has been going on since yesterday. Ilahi visits Bau ji at the same hospital. According to Ilahi, his blood pressure spiked. You were right on schedule, according to the doctor. Please wait outside while we conduct the necessary tests. There, Ilahi waits in the cold. Jahan is currently lounging on the bench’s back cushion. Her scarf ends up in his eyes. Jahan’s eyes land on her. Ilahi recognizes Jahan’s voice. He receives her gaze. Jahan inquires, “Are you all right?” You’re probably sick and in the hospital. Not a peep from Ilahi. Why are you not listening, Jahan asks. The time for talking and listening is passed, Ilahi says. I would have paid attention if you had said something. The respect of my father and my confidence in you were at stake. But nothing is taken with them. You can’t get that time back. It’s all meaningless noise. I’m tied the knot, but it wasn’t with my husband. I know you’re married, he reveals to you. Jahan claims you were in such a rush to get married that you didn’t have time to wait for me. Don’t you want to know what went down between us that day and why I had to leave? She responds, “I refuse to listen to another fabrication.” You believe I’m lying, Jahan asks. She claims you abandoned me in mandap, damaged my life, and deceived me. You will offer justifications for your position. Do you have any idea how much pain you caused me and my loved ones when you abandoned me in that way? They all laughed at us and mocked us. Can you imagine the suffering we endured? One can never know. You’re cold and heartless. I was compelled to wed Jordan. In the end, our tale came to a conclusion. You also penned its final chapter. Stop trying to get it going again.

The nurse lets Jahan know he can visit his patient. It’s fine with Jahan. Away he goes. A visit from Jahan to Seerat. Don’t leave me here, she begs. I despise this place. The doctor has advised against it. Take me home, Seerat pleads to Jahan in a bear embrace. He grabs her and leads her to the vehicle. Ilahi notices them. She can’t believe it. Ilahi claims he has moved on and is now doubting my loyalty. Ilahi drives Bau ji back to his apartment. Now that I’m in charge of your diet, she declares. The unhealthy diet is over for you. Why are you so concerned, asks Bau ji. Your bau ji is someone you can trust with your heart. Why, asks Ilahi, do people always betray your trust? Jahan is a part of my history, but he keeps popping up in my present.Jahan mulls about Ilahi’s words. Crying, he claims that Ilahi also considers me a liar. In other words, she doesn’t want to look at me. Even mentally, she was poisoned by that household. A woman and Jahan were spotted by Ilahi in this area. What I mean is that. Like you were betrayed, Bau jji says. I can empathize with how you’re feeling. Scars fade with the passage of time. Don’t rush anything. According to Ilahi, Jordan has no faith in me. He imagines that I regularly interact with Jahan. This is not the case. It’s over for me. Please God, let this marriage last. The wrong occurs. I’ll let Jordan know that I spotted Jahan in here. Bau ji says no because he’ll go crazy. Why would I lie, asks Ilahiv. He thinks it’s better to tell a lie if it can prevent deaths. Keeping this from him is our top priority. Keep your truth in your Bau ji.Seerat smashes a wine bottle. The soup is on Jahan. He forbids you to eat Chinese food. ‘I don’t want to,’ she says. It’s thrown by her. Who the hell would fire at Jahan? Seerat is sobbing. According to her, you’re yelling at me. Why are you taking Ilahi’s frustrations out on Seerat, Jahan asks.To contact Ilahi, Priyanka sends a text message. Are you currently cohabitating with your husband? No, Ilahi asks, and here’s why. Priyanka complains, “I’ve got no friends, and I’m lonely.” Are you feeling okay? Ilahi asks. The girl expresses her want to be with you by saying, “I wish I were with you.” You get me on such a deep level. You’re speaking to my heart, you know. That lucky man is your husband. He must be highly devoted to you and willing to hear you out. It takes time to comprehend each other, Ilahi says in response. My hubby is a wonderful person. He will eventually come to terms with how I feel.

Jordan storms in, fuming. Inquiring minds want to know what went wrong, and Ilahi is no exception. Isolate me, he implores. Rasika asks if you had any trouble selling tickets. Ilahi begs his bhabhi for a favor. Jordaan acknowledges bhabhi’s accuracy. My event tickets were a bust. You must be quite pleased. Stop acting like a fool. You have a self-centered mindset. You care only about yourself. To what effect? According to Bau ji, yes. Bau ji claims she can help you out of this jam. You don’t know bau ji, he says to you. The two of you succeeded, according to Bau ji. Your couple is quite popular. When you were together, you were adored. You two should perform a duet. Perhaps this is the compromise, Ilahi thinks to himself.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :As a recap, Jahan greets his parents warmly. Your esteem for me will be restored. Tina sobs into her mother’s arms. It’s a good thing I got here on time, adds Ilahi.

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