Written Episode Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein July 28, 2023 – The Embarrassing Ways in Which Ishan Treated His Parents

Written Episode Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein July 28, 2023 – The Embarrassing Ways in Which Ishan Treated His Parents

Ishan warns his dad that he will report Savi to the authorities if he finds out how she got into school. Shantanu interrupts and insists that Savi is telling the truth. That woman must have sent Savi there, according to Ishan. According to Shantanu, he owes that woman the utmost respect because she is his mother. Ishan insists that he thinks of the woman as unique. Shantanu has come under fire from Surekha and Yashwant for maintaining communication with Isha, acting on her directives, and allowing Savi to spend the night in her cabin. After many years, Isha finally called, and Shantanu says she begged him to let one of her students in based on her merit. Yashwant yells that his reputation would have been ruined if the girl had been allowed to remain at the Bhosale Institute.

Shantanu claims he allowed the lonely girl to remain in the institute to shield her from harm. Ishan yells from his cabin, “Why?” because the girl boasted to him, “I will meet Shantanu sir at any cost, and I will get admission based on my capbility,” echoing the arrogance of her teacher. Shantanu claims that he asked Shukla to allow the girl stay in his cabin, but that Shukla made a mistake. The girl was right, and they should base admission on merit. Both Yashwant and Ishan have said they won’t.

Savi sees the students perusing the admissions list and assures them that she, too, will be included when she meets with Shantanu sir. Before he loses his job, the watchman politely begs her to leave. Savi claims that she will be admitted after meeting with Shantanu in 15 minutes. The guard disagrees. Both Durva and Avni try to embarrass her by interfering. Savi gives them a just response, humiliating them in return, which only makes them angrier. She then asks a fellow student where Shantanu keeps his office and rushes off to meet him. As a signal, Durva and Avni lead the learner astray. He claims that there is no elevator to the seventh story, where Shantanu has his office. Savi dashes towards the third structure. Student inquires as to the motivation behind having him lie to the woman. They claim that letting the girl enroll at their school would be a bad idea.

Savi makes it to the 7th floor and finds out that the students had pranked him and that Shantanu’s office was actually on the 3rd floor of the first building. While waiting for Savi, Shantanu calls Isha. Isha tells him that Savi will soon be there. Shantanu is called to the director’s cabin for a meeting, and Shukla gives him the news. Shantanu tells him to let the girl from yesterday wait in his cabin until he gets back. And Shukla concurs. Savi manages to go close to Shantanu’s cabin, so he may question Shukla about it. Even though Shantanu has been gone for five periods, Shukla insists that this is his cabin. Savi hastily enters the cabin. Yashwant kicks off the boarding meeting by inviting Ishan to share his thoughts on how to revamp the curriculum.

In a panic, Savi yells for Shantanu to come quickly. Shantanu approaches her on foot. She gives a formal introduction. At the very least, they finally met, according to Shantanu. Savi introduces herself and explains that she hopes to study at Bhosale Institute and eventually join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The trio of Nishikanth, Yashwant, and Ishan humiliate her. She is to wait for Shantanu inside his cabin. Ishan continues to embarrass her by demanding that he address the situation immediately. In the end, they decide not to let her in.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Savi is now a third-year student. The class treats her like an actual educator. She comes up with an elegant solution to a complicated issue. Ishan spots her and inquires as to why she hasn’t left. If Ishan still thinks he is doing justice, Shantanu tells him that Savi, a second-year student, solved a third-year difficulty.

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