Written Episode Update for July 28 2023 Sapno Ki Chhalaang – Radhika finds out what’s going on at home.

Written Episode Update for July 28 2023 Sapno Ki Chhalaang – Radhika finds out what’s going on at home.

The episode opens with Radhika giggling at the ambiance she’s created for her and her boyfriend. She wants to know what’s going on. There is joy on everyone’s faces. I have something to say, Abhishek says.

The phone rings for Radhika. She says that I’ll go when Lucky calls. And she does talk back. Lucky warns that the situation is deteriorating rapidly and that action is required. What occurred, she inquires. He’s completely honest. He claims that even his father is on Lavi’s side. Radhika is taken aback by it.Abhishek and the others rush over to pick her up.

How could this happen, Radhika wonders. Lucky predicts the dissolution of this family. She insists that this is impossible, citing the fact that our family has weathered numerous storms together. I’ve never seen him so concerned, he adds; you should talk to Radhe and attempt to get back home. Radhe seems to be in a gloomy mood. I’m a burden, he claims Jairam told him. For Radhika’s sake, Suman urges him to cool down. A panic crisis overwhelms Radhika. Abhishek tells her to take a deep breath. He advises us to take a deep breath and tells us everything will be well.Preeti believes a companion for life should be so nurturing. Vaishali is confused and wants to know what went wrong; we had made numerous plans that apparently failed.

As Gomti points out, Radhe is your brother, so how can you say such a thing about him and Suman? If Lavi is my son as Jairam claims, should I let him go? Jairam tells her to leave if she cares about them so much. I knew you’d do this, she says. They leave. Suman receives a call from Radhika. Suman enquires if you ate anything. Radhika is quite adamant that she cannot have anything and that she will not tolerate any deceit. What do I tell Suman? I’m scared about Radhe and we need to get out of here. It sounds like Radhe has a cough. Suman says, “I’ll call you back later,” and hangs up. As soon as she hears Radhe, she runs over to him.Abhishek and Sree discuss Radhika in depth. We’re here for her, she says, but she really needs you. For Radhika, he steals some food. They offer her food and she accepts. Adamantly, he tells her he is right. She eats it because he gives it to her.

They assure her she has nothing to worry about on that front. She is inspired by Abhishek. Preeti says you’ve got incredible courage. I’m going back home, Radhika promises, and next time I’ll do it even better.Abhishek brings her some tea. She says I have to leave either tomorrow or the next day. He tells you to calm down because you have your hands full. Radhika starts her day off in the office. Hrithik says we have to have a chat. We’ll have to talk about it later, she adds, because she’s too busy right now. He interrupts her. I don’t want any drama, she says.

The argument continues as he asks, “Did you tell your family or not? What if I tell them that you made fun of me in front of my friends?” To put it mildly, she tells him off. Inquiring eyes scan the area. She insists, “You can’t scare me, I won’t get afraid of you; call my home and tell them whatever you want; I will tell them about your lies, you had put my job and career in jeopardy.” He implores her to lower her voice. She insists that proper decorum and personal space be observed at all times. They leave. She taps out a resignation note on the computer. She visits Priyal in her quarters.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Abhishek has decided to take us to Jhansi. Radhika embraces him. At home, Radhika and Lavi get into an argument.

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