Written Episode Update Bhagya Lakshmi, July 27, 2023 – Rishi gathers evidence and is resolved to out Vikrant.

Written Episode Update Bhagya Lakshmi, July 27, 2023 – Rishi gathers evidence and is resolved to out Vikrant.

Dadi opens the episode by telling Rano that their decision might make or break Lakshmi’s life and happiness. Rano begs Dadi not to stop the wedding and declares that the union would take place no matter what. Dadi wants to know what’s wrong with you. That’s all I was saying, Rano says, that the two should get married. Dadi affirms that this is the will of God. Rano predicts our paths will cross again at the altar. What made you not refuse, Shalu asks Rano. Did I tell Rano that I was going to decline his offer? Bani claims that you’ve already stated your intention to decline. Rano claims he made the call to make it seem like they couldn’t be married. She threatens to shut the door and leave if you don’t want to come. In disbelief, Shalu and Bani sit. Lakshmi dresses in her wedding finery. Since your sisters haven’t arrived yet, Malishka is wondering why you waited until now to get ready. I will force you to get ready, she threatens. It’s okay, replies Lakshmi; I’ll get ready on my own. Malishka replies, “Do us a favor and take another one,” and she wants to know if you witnessed any bride getting dressed by herself. I’m so pleased for you, she exclaims, and then she asks if anyone else heard the bride getting ready on her own. You asked for a rich guy, and now you have one, she claims. It’s okay, replies Lakshmi; I’ll get ready on my own. I told Malishka it was a favor, and he said he would never give me another chance to force you to get ready. She tells her to consider it payment for her time spent caring for and feeding the family. Stop it, Lakshmi warns, for you have no idea who has received a favor from whom. She claims that you have no concept of the respect I have gained in this home. She informs her that Rishi brought her back to this house after she had left it and that she would like her to think about Rishi. Malishka tells her to pretend Rishi is the one sending her away so she may finally be happy and stop getting in the way of their bliss. I’m so excited to finally meet my Rishi, she exclaims. She tells her to get ready for Vikrant and to forget about garnering favor with him; instead, she will do so as a friend. After getting her to sit down, she expresses gratitude to her. Since the lamp is always decorated before being sacrificed, she assumes that Lakshmi’s marriage to Vikrant is also a preparation for her own death. This is for you, she tells her as she makes her wear bracelets. Neelam requests that Mukesh bring genuine ghee, etc. To make sure, she has Pandit ji double-check. Pandit ji says we have more than enough room for everyone. Neelam claims that she has saved in excess to ensure that unforeseen difficulties do not derail the couple’s marriage. No problem, according to Pandit ji. After this unlucky girl leaves, I’ll get Rishi and Malishka married, Neelam promises, bringing an end to Lakshmi’s story.

The day for which Vikrant and Saloni have been waiting has finally arrived, he says. He claims that Rishi will make every effort to prevent the wedding. Saloni disobeyed his request that she not make any blunders on their engagement day. Anjana warns Vikrant to not let his temper get the best of him. Vikrant predicts that I would wed Lakshmi and claim her as my own.

Mayur asks Rishi, “Any chance you still have that picture?” He claims to be unsure of its current whereabouts. Rishi tells him to verify, adding that he would do so himself. He marks the appropriate box. Mayur tells him, “I’m sorry I couldn’t provide proof.” I need evidence to back up Rishi’s claim that Lakshmi’s life will not be destroyed. He chooses a bag at random and drops it to the ground. When you open the bag, the pictures spill out. Mayur informs Rishi the photo is here, but when Rishi looks, he doesn’t see a picture of Saloni. Rishi discovers the photograph adhered to the second photograph. He takes out a second picture, and in it, Vikrant and Saloni are wearing garlands as they stand together. Mayur identifies her as his spouse. Incredulous, Rishi claims to be Vikrant’s bhabhi. Mayur reveals to him that contrary to what Vikrant claims, he does not have an older sibling. He claims he can’t even recall her name. Sarika or Saloni, according to Rishi. Even though Mayur claims he has no recollection of her, she is his wife. Saloni’s comments ring in Rishi’s ears, and he informs Mayur that Vikrant doesn’t have an older sibling because he never insisted that we meet him or see his photo. He arrived late to the engagement celebration and remembers meeting Saloni and Vikrant. He continues, “Vikrant and his entire family have fooled my entire family. I’m going to break up this wedding, he adds, and then throw the couple in jail. Mayur is thanked, and he says he will leave. With that, Mayur hands him the keys to his car and tells him where to go. Rishi gives him a bear embrace before leaving. Mayur warns Vikrant not to count on Rishi abandoning him because of the way he treated his real love.

Malishka assures Lakshmi that, while stunning, she is not quite as stunning as she is. Because of it, I got Rishi, she says, while you got Vikrant. She promises that I shall do a double dance in honor of your departure from this home. Dadi shows up to see if there are any concerns about the upcoming nuptials. After hearing Dadi, Neelam arrives and becomes enraged. If you decide to leave your mayka, Dadi wants Lakshmi to explain why. This, according to Lakshmi, is the best option for everyone involved. Neelam interrogates Dadi on the subject, wonders if Lakshmi will introduce her to a suitable suitor, and sings the praises of her boyfriend, Vikrant. She says the baraat will be there soon and that she will go greet them. Dadi, she says, please come. Lakshmi remembers Rishi’s and Shalu’s urgings that she not be married, as well as Neelam’s insistence that she do it in order to escape. She insists that this is the best choice for everyone, even if it means bad news for me personally. When Ayush enters the hall, he notices the mandap. He starts to worry and wonders where Rishi is, assuming that he has gone to bring documents.

Rishi has contacted Ayush by phone. When Ayush answers, he demands to know where he is. If you ask Rishi, I’m on my way back. His phone is taken from him by Karishma. For the phone, Ayush requests her cooperation. To greet the baraat, Karishma had asked him. Rishi assumes Ayush is busy and reveals that his suspicions about Vikrant becoming married were correct.

He claims that his wife, Saloni, is actually a big fraud, and challenges Ayush to guess who she is. He claims that everyone in our family is conspiring against us. He assures him that the proofs are in hand and that he will soon be returning home. Karishma has asked him to take care of all the preparations. Ayush assures her that he will and then takes his phone away. Rishi bhai, he calls out. Rishi assures you that I am en route. Ayush is praying that Rishi will intervene and prevent the wedding. When Lakshmi looked in the drawer, she saw a mangalsutra with Rishi’s name on it. Eventually, she breaks down and sobs.

Guests are being greeted by Neelam, dadi, and Karishma. It’s frequented by Rano, Shalu, and Bani. Karishma assures Neelam that this is their final time welcoming this Rano and that they will never see her face again. More visitors arrive. Rishi tries to tell Lakshmi some news by calling her, but she doesn’t answer.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Karishma assures Kiran that the storm and the marriage cannot be stopped. As a result, Shalu and Bani beg Lakshmi to reconsider the marriage. Saloni arrives gleefully dancing alongside the baraat. Rishi throws the stone, causing the automobile to come to a halt. He starts to worry. Neelam implores Lakshmi to wed Vikrant, abandon the house and her son, and head off into the horizon.


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