Written Episode Update Barsatein July 27th, 2023 – Love is in the air as Reyansh and Aradhna make their feelings known to one another.

Written Episode Update Barsatein July 27th, 2023 – Love is in the air as Reyansh and Aradhna make their feelings known to one another.

Reyansh and Aradhna show up at work to kick off the episode. A bad Kadambari, so he says. She goes and gets a towel to pat his head dry. She abandons us to acquire java. Her hand is in his. The times they shared together are etched in his memory. He proposes with the ring and a passionate declaration of affection. They share a glance. He adds, “I know I’m toxic, I don’t know how to love, but I want to love you, I love you.” He didn’t expect to fall in love, he’s afraid of love, he can’t give you anything except agony and anguish, and he knows he loves you despite all of that. She extends her hand outward. He forces her to put it on. The music of O sajna mere… Her hand is kissed by him. They share a warm embrace. She claims she wants to provide emotional stability for you.

An approach by Aradhna. Is that so? he probes. There is a nod from her. You can hear Kaise kahun. They kiss and make out. Kadambari expresses regret to the company. Don’t worry, Vivek assures you; he’ll see to it here; just let him know when you’re feeling better. There was no accident, she maintains, and Reyansh is unhappy about it. You’re upset because he says something happened, but Reyansh will be alright; there’s no need to ask any questions. She laments, “I wish I had courage like you, because I didn’t have any today.” He assures you that it’s fine to return to your old life whenever you like.

Reyansh and Aradhna get up early in the morning. I’m going home, she says, and my father will murder me. He keeps telling you he loves you but you won’t respond. It’s an expression of affection from her. He continues, “I’ve never felt love in my love before, and I don’t want to lose this feeling. Dad tells me that one should grab happiness when they see it. Will you come today with your parents? I don’t want to waste time. I want to love you very much. Tell your dad that you want him to meet me.” And she concedes, “Okay, I’ll try.” The song “Main teri hogai” is being played. Oh, the camera was on, he realizes. ‘How can you forget this?’ she challenges. He claims I was intoxicated when you kissed me; lucky for you, I’m your boss and can do whatever I want. The chip, she begs him, must be annihilated. When she says that, she means that she has faith in you. He promises a one look and then total destruction. Ignore her, she yells. They share a warm embrace.

I told you not to be too happy, Vivek, Reyansh tells him, because she isn’t in Indore. I know, Vivek says. Reyansh demands to know your justification this time around. Vivek says he accepts responsibility for his actions and says, “I was overexcited, my bad.” You’ve been together for 35 years, and she still doesn’t care about us, so why are you supporting her? That’s what Reyansh wants to know. You won’t get why Vivek says he loves her. Reyansh says, “I understand it for the first time today, but I’m not happy with your opinion, I’m in love, I love her, I know you want to trust in love, it has a power that makes anyone blind.” I’m overjoyed that Vivek thinks you’ve found love. According to Reyansh, his fiancee isn’t like Kadambari — she won’t crush his heart or manipulate him. My son is in love, and Vivek says you made me happy.

Meet her tonight, Reyansh gushes; he wants you to meet his folks, too. Kadambari watches. Aradhna currently resides with her loved ones. Tough claims they contacted us for a meeting. Vivek claims your timidity holds you back. Reyansh tells you to calm down and meet them since you’re so annoying and because he wants you to see and understand real love, not the fake kind you’re experiencing. I don’t know if his mom will be happy to see you, but Aradhna assures me that you should meet Vivek. You made a harsh statement about his family, he claims. According to Bhakti, Reyansh is a good person. In a harsh tone, he asks how we can handle the celebrity culture of the people we know so well. Bhakti says, “I had a feeling they’d be happy together.” Inquiring if you adore him or not. The answer from Aradhna is affirmative. If you’re single and looking for love, Reyansh says Aradhna loves me and she hopes you find it too. Vivek adds that he is glad for me. A embrace is extended to Reyansh. Laughs Kadambari. Bhakti announces that it is time to prepare.

When Reyansh runs into Kadambari, he makes fun of her. She benedicts him. Preparation time for Aradhna and Reyansh. Lyrics to “Kya Kahun” Aradhna had a chat with Reyansh. Wait, she says, I have to take a call. Mayank called, and Revati says he requested her to “do something” at the Hotel Grand Park because he has her pictures. You won’t go, so I will, says Aradhna.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : You are, Aradhna says, scrapping the whole thing. And according to Reyansh, my Aradhna isn’t a liar like you are. Aradhna visits Mayank for a chat. After her, Reyansh goes.

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