Written Episode Update Barsatein 28th July 2023 – Meet Aradhna and Mayank.

Written Episode Update Barsatein 28th July 2023 – Meet Aradhna and Mayank.

Reyansh begins the episode by sharing his knowledge of Aradhna with Kaka. Vivek is delighted for Reyansh because he has found love. They discuss romantic relationships. According to Aradhna, I have imp business to attend to in the office. You took the decision to back out, and now you’re being harsh about it.

They need me, she says. Storm is on the way, harsh proclaims, and the rains wash everything away. She confirms that a storm is approaching and that we must take precautions, and Reyansh apologizes before announcing that supper will be held the following day. Away she goes. Kadambari reveals the jewelry and says, “I hid this for your wife.” Vivek has requested that she have her bahu dress in it. She claims that if Reyansh knew I was here, she would not want me to remain. Reyansh has hinted that she may once again be employed. Asked by Vivek to approach his mother, he hesitates. Not possible, replies Reyansh. When Aradhna calls, he answers. They exchange words. Are you not going, he asks. She says there’s a lot of flooding at your father’s clinic, that we’re too busy to see you, and that we’ll be by tomorrow for food and apologies. She apologizes to Reyansh, “I’m sorry, I had to lie.” Will my fate be the same as yours, Reyansh asks, canceling the supper.

Contra Vivek. He reaches out and embraces Reyansh. And Reyansh assures me it won’t because Aradhna isn’t dishonest like you are. Now he leaves. I don’t want you to be damaged by love, she warns, but the storm is coming and it’s coming from within you. Aradhna communicates with Bhakti via an audio recording. She believes I must tell a lie to save serious injury or death. Expect Reyansh soon. According to Bhakti, Aradhna neglected to bring her insulin. This letter is from Jagruti to Bhakti and it has been sent from Dehradun. Worrying and Bhakti. If Aradhna doesn’t pick up, Bhakti adds, I’ll just give Reyansh a ring. Reyansh receives a call from her. Is everything all right at the health center, he inquires. Yes, Aradhna is always in a hurry; she forgot to take her insulin and asked me not to interrupt her at the office; please do. Reyansh has been spreading lies about myself and my family. Is Aradhna with you, he calls Sunaina. He also checks with Vikram and Pooja. He requests that Vikram locate Aradhna via her cell phone. I sent her for a story, he adds; keep an eye on her.

Vikram says it’s fine, unwind.Aradhna visits Mayank for a chat. Vikram gives Reyansh the hotel’s name. Reyansh arrives at the hotel, presents his ID, and checks in. This individual claims your news crew’s scribe visited room 005. Thanking him, Reyansh leaves. Aradhna believes he possesses bravery. She initiates communication by pressing the buzzer. Mayank can’t believe his eyes when he sees her. She suggests that you invite your ex-girlfriend inside. As Reyansh watches.When he tried to blackmail Revati, she scolded him.

He claims it hurts you to know that I’m seeing someone else. Disagreement arises between them. I’m not letting Revati go anywhere, he says. Reyansh is at the door, knocking. Aradhna is caught by Mayank, who then requests that Reyansh depart. He breaks up the private moment by shouting. Reyansh departs. How dare you touch me, asks Aradhna. Mayank apologizes, says he wants to communicate, and expresses his regret that he ever loved you.

My employee went there, and Reyansh says I need to know who’s in there for her own protection. Mayank Khurana, according to the lady. I told Vikram that she can’t forgive her first love, and Reyansh believes me. Mayank and Aradhna have a fight. Reyansh looks up Mayank on social media. Aradhna lauds Reyansh in his narration. Reyansh phones Aradhna and inquires about her availability. She misleads him. When Reyansh is frustrated he drinks.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Aradhna is seen by Reyansh. She misleads him. He attacks her with a video of them making out.

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