Written Episode Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th July 2023: Priya thinks Shalini’s family poisoned her

Written Episode Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th July 2023: Priya thinks Shalini’s family poisoned her

Shreya opens the episode by declaring that Shalini dislikes falsehoods, that she would see Priya’s past truth and throw her out, that we have to prove Priya characterless, that Priya will be out of Ram’s life, and that Aleka will throw away Yuvraj. According to Kriti, that was a brilliant move.

Shreya boasts that she will make headlines by leaking this photo to the press.It’s off to Ram’s office they go. Shreya runs into Yuvraj. She advises, “Just pay attention to Priya, as I instructed.” “Are you kidding me? I thought you were concentrating on Ram and me,” Kriti exclaims incredulously. Shreya has ordered everyone to be silent. She claims that Priya has a new boyfriend and that you should go along to meet him. He assures me that Priya is not such a girl since I have standards and I am not going to waste my time with her. We know you lied to Aleka and trapped her for money, says Shreya; if you don’t want me to make Priya and your pictures viral, you should go and get that person. Away he goes.Kriti presses, “Are you going to take his advice and trap him?” In spite of Shreya’s assurances that he will eventually uncover our scheme, I have no intention of spilling the beans. Kriti argues that the idea is ridiculous, that it will work, and that we should abandon it because what if we get caught.

According to Shreya, Yuvraj is in for a big surprise, but he won’t tell anyone about it. Priya has made my life a living nightmare, and Kriti says I shall marry Ram. She claims that Ram abandoned me for Ritika. Shreya declares, “Priya is our top priority; I will think of next plan.” Kriti believes that Shreya is plotting to force Priya out of the house because she does not care about her. Kriti reasons that if she puts her trust in Shreya, she will never be able to win Ram over.Aleka and Ram get into an argument regarding Yuvraj. Ram says, “I know you love Yuvraj, but he’s been slacking off at work for a while now, and he’s not turning in his assignments on time.” You married him late, she demands to know. He claims that he didn’t want Yuvraj to crash his wedding since he didn’t want to see Priya cry over seeing him.

A sham marriage, as Aleka puts it. Priya is a good person who couldn’t possibly harm someone, but he insists that emotions are genuine and asks how he should communicate this to her. She claims that our friendship has suffered due to your wife’s history. If we allow anyone to come between us, that’s our problem, he says. You love Yuvraj, and I’m pleased for you. But he isn’t doing a good job, and I have every right to tell you that. Here comes Shardul. Ram claims he fell behind in his work; can you identify the person responsible? Shardul adds, “Yes, I’ve done the work; clients were calling us; Yuvraj was responsible before, but I’m not worried; I figure no one will tell me anything because I’m dating the company co-owner.” To put it mildly, she tells him off. She claims that I have money in this firm. Ram responds, “Really, so we will discuss who is important for this company,” but Shardul and my bond are more important to me than this company and my business, therefore I ask that you stay out of it. She apologises and adds, “I wasn’t intending to be that harsh. Shardul gives his approval. She explains that she does not like the strain on their friendship and that she would like to make Yuvraj a business partner so that he does not feel excluded. We will talk about it, Ram warns, so be careful. She says she has spoken with the board, owns the bulk of the company’s shares, doesn’t need anyone’s consent, and is taking a position because she loves Yuvraj. They leave.

Ram explains what took place to her… He’s concerned.Priya visits Shalini and checks up with her to make sure she is eating and taking her medication. When I told Tej that Priya had switched out one of the tablets, he replied it was fine, and Shalini confirmed that this was the case. If Tej isn’t involved, then who is providing her with the medications, in her mind, is. She wants to know if you had a good meal. Yes, the meal is delicious, says Shalini. In response, she expresses gratitude.

Priya is concerned after discovering a few dead ants on her plate of meal. She contacts the lab and says, “I’m sending the food sample; I feel someone is adding poison on it; just keep the reports ready; I will come to collect it.” She is convinced that someone is out to get her, but who? I need to fill Ram in on everything, but I think I should wait for reports first. It’s Ram. My friend thinks I have to contact you. It seems Ram has gone missing. She may inquire as to the nature of the problem, provide assistance, and even offer to pick up some takeout if you’re feeling down.She claims I’m innocent. He blames you for everything that went wrong when you entered my life, he says. He leaves. She claims this is a new pattern of behavior for him.

The maid talks about the lab, and Shreya overhears it. Where are you going, she inquires. Apparently, Priya had me deliver the lunch to the research facility. Shreya suggested I bring Ram some Chinese food, so I’m bringing this packet to the lab. Instead, he adds, “Priya gave me this assignment, and I will go give it to her.” That scares her a lot. She’s worried that Priya will find out about the poison, so it’s up to me to keep her in the dark. Priya makes a phone call. I’m asking you because you assured me you’d go to whatever lengths to keep Ram safe, she says. I’m pleased to hear that, Shardul says. She wants to know what’s bothering Ram. He says, “Aleka is worried about Yuvraj; she wants to know why Yuvraj isn’t getting importance; Ram told her that Yuvraj was lagging; Aleka said she wanted to make Yuvraj a business partner; he was not competent enough; I’ll go and call Aleka; let’s see what happens.” That scares her a lot.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Ram is questioned by the press about Priya and the unknown stranger. Ram is in disbelief.

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