Written Episode Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 – July 27, 2023 – A failure of Ram and Priya’s scheme

Written Episode Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 – July 27, 2023 – A failure of Ram and Priya’s scheme

Ram begins the episode by coaching Priya on how to strut her stuff. His advice is to be disrespectful to such aunts. What? she inquires. She does as he instructs. If you do what he suggests, you’ll be on his mother’s “hit list.” It’s over for him. Sheetal has been spreading the news about Priya. She claims that I will go away and go to jail if Ram finds out. She gets a reprimand from Mitali and is told to get back to work. Sheetal requests to leave and be allowed to do so. Avinash agrees that you are free to leave and that the money will be wired to you. Away with Sheetal. He claims that I know how to make her quiet down. Shalini had a chat with her pals. See, Priya has arrived, she exclaims. Priya welcomes and teases Shalini’s pals. Because of her actions, Shalini is concerned. Ram observes.

He praises her performance. If you have a headache, Priya asks Shalini, “Shall I massage your head?” Shln cradles her head. They want her to share whatever is on her mind. They want an explanation from Priya. Do you have a driver, or should I have someone drop you off? Priya inquires. They are leaving. After telling Priya, Shalini adds… Plan executed, according to Ram; Shalini will resent Priya as a result. What happened, Ram inquires, with your pals leaving? She suggests he check with the Mrs. According to her, Priya messed up, but hey, at least I had a good time. What? inquires Priya. You should have been angry with her, according to Ram. I am overjoyed, and now I must go tell Reena that Shalini thinks she is a star since she has successfully reformed my bad friends. Ram says the plan failed, therefore we’ll have to come up with another strategy. Sheetal is being pushed downstairs.

As Avinash watches. She passes out suddenly. The doctor examines her. According to him, she suffered a head injury and fell into a coma. How, asks Ram. Mitali suggests water on the floor as a possible explanation. Ram assures us that we would look after her finances and her family. Don’t fret, as Avinash puts it. Priya inquires as to whether or not the doctor actually prescribed Shalini’s medication. He denies that it is Avinash’s medicine by saying that it is a medicine for low blood pressure and that Shalini has high blood pressure and a heart condition. For this, she expresses her gratitude. What is this, the wrong medication, she wonders. Eventually, she runs away. Shreya is anxious. Avinash and Pratap have Shalini concentrate on her health while they take care of a will. So long as she signs the will, they say, they’ll take care of everything else. She insists I read the paperwork and sign it at a later time. A room inspection by Shreya. Kriti pops in to see what you’re up to because, apparently, everything you try ends in failure. Shreya claims that you are just an opportunist out for the money and fame, and that Ram is your final hope. They’re having an argument.

It’s over between us, Kriti says. Shreya warns us that if we fight, Priya will come out on top. Kriti wants to know what she has in mind. Shreya insists that we must challenge her principles; Priya erred when she fell in love with Yuvraj; I will release this picture to the press.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : In the previous installment, Aleka had asked Ram how he did versus Yuvraj. Defending Priya is Ram. He claims that I cannot handle her blubbering.


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