Written Episode Update Ajooni 28th July 2023 – There’s been no communication between Rajveer and Ajooni.

Written Episode Update Ajooni 28th July 2023 – There’s been no communication between Rajveer and Ajooni.

Ajooni sits down with Rajveer and begins reading aloud a story about a king who punched his queen because he felt powerless and didn’t want to be king but did want to be responsible. Since the king wasn’t eating, neither was the queen. Can the queen count on the king to feed her? Rajveer starts to worry about her health and then eats. The Ajooni grins at him. Bebe can see it all. Ajooni acknowledges him with a nod and follows him out.When Shikha hears Harvindar boast that they can abduct Giyaneshwar’s daughter, she warns him not to be so dumb. Harvindar has gone into hiding because Dolly and Aman have arrived. Shikha approaches them with a friendly greeting.

Dolly says she and I wanted to see how you were doing. Shikha has instructed me to prepare tea for you two. Dolly has suggested that I investigate your home. She investigates Shikha’s space. Aman tries to stop her, but Dolly sees someone behind the curtain and confronts them. Aman is ready to double-check when Shikha walks up and demands to know what’s going on. Harvindar escapes by jumping out of a window. Dolly looks beyond the curtain but doesn’t see anyone. Aman insists that we leave immediately, and she leads Dolly away. Shikha laughs and assures her dad that she won’t be soft on any of them.

Scene 2 Aman returns to his house and thinks back on what Dolly said. After returning from the hospital, Harvindar asks, “Where did you go?” Aman claims I visited Shikha after hearing that you were staying with her. You don’t trust me, Harvindar scolds her. Aman breaks down in tears and accuses you of cheating on Shikha with Dolly. Harvindar claims that you consider me a liar. He raises his hand to slap her, but Ajooni interrupts, reminding him that she’s expecting a child. I know you obtained control of the house by begging Ravindra, Harvindar tells her, before leaving. Aman breaks down in tears and admits to Ajooni that he believed Dolly’s story that she had seen him with Shikha. Ajooni begs her to take a deep breath.When Rajveer visits Ajooni in her room, she does her best to ignore him. He thinks I’m hurting myself by making you go through all this, but I do not. Ajooni believes that our love will be able to overcome any obstacle. They share a melancholy glance between them. From there, he departs.

When Rajveer decides to spend the night in the living room, Ajooni visits him there with a blanket but finds him dozing off without one. Dolly arrives and warns ajooni to stay away from him. She has Dolly bring him a blanket at her request. Don’t call me a slave, Dolly says. Ajooni forces her to comply with her demands. Dolly hurls the blanket at Rajveer, but Ajooni stops her, saying that someone will get very cold without it. Rajveer grabs the throw.Ajooni starts her day in the kitchen and runs errands for the household before lunch. Dolly arrives and gets into an argument with the stove.

While Ajooni is tallying the costs of the goods, Dolly rushes in to report that her eyes are hurting. You can take care of the shopping while I get back to cooking, Ajooni adds, but Aman counters that he would do the cooking. Dolly can’t believe she just heard it.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Aman goes into the kitchen to make dinner, but Ajooni grabs her just before the stove explodes.

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