Written Episode Udaariyan 28 July 2023 – Ekam sobs about his plight

Written Episode Udaariyan 28 July 2023 – Ekam sobs about his plight

The episode opens with a tearful Ekam and Nehmat. He says things like, “I was going to marry you, but I ended up marrying Harleen instead; I stayed faithful to her throughout our marriage; Alia entered our lives; you’ve returned; Harleen had an accident and is now back; should I be happy about this?” She encourages him to have strength.

He claims I’m completely broken. There will be no blunders, she assures me. It’s too late, he says. She promises that we will take action.Everybody is concerned about Nehmat. Rupy asks, “How will we get out of this?” when they find themselves at a loss for words. Renuka questions how we will justify Alia. How do I explain Harleen to Ekam, he inquires. Nehmat claims that after she leaves, she will assume that I stole her job. His response is negative; you’re back where you belong. She then inquires about your legal wife Harleen. She claims that I am unsure of how to confront her.

He leaves. She claims this to be the truth. Her tears fall.The first thing Harleen notices when she opens her eyes is Alia. Alia embraces her. Nehmat watches. Alia informed me that mom says you’ve abandoned us. Not at all, replies Harleen; there’s no way I’d ever leave you. Ekam arrives. Are you feeling okay? they all seem so proud of you. He encourages Alia to enroll in classes. Alia’s old outfit is being given to Nehmat. Harleen says she appreciates the aid and that she’ll get Alia ready for school. Alia is the one who thwarts Nehmat. Nehmat has assured me that I will not be leaving. Alia embraces her. Harleen watches.Alia returns home from her studies. Tiger and Alia are embraced by Harleen.

I really missed you, she continues, and offers to bring you some juice. Milkshake, says Alia. Try to guess what Harleen put in the dish, she says. They all sit down at her command. Renuka and Cherry watch in interest. Pizza is displayed by Harleen. According to her, “I made this with love.” Renuka has informed us that Harleen has profound feelings for Alia. About Nehmat, Cherry inquires. Alia inquires after her mother. According to Harleen, she would be cooking. Alia’s proximity to Nehmat puzzles her. Nehmat keeps remembering Alia. Rupy contacts her via phone. She assures me that she and Harleen are OK. He inquires as to how you are doing and what your plans are now that you know Harleen is still alive. She said the decision will be made at the appropriate time. She hangs up and starts crying.Alia and Harleen are together now. Toy is displayed by Alia. She insists on carrying her doll everywhere and promises to bring it to her mother.

When Harleen inquires as to the cause, I reply, “I’m back now, stay here.” Alia claims that she always croons lullabies to her children. She bolts from the space. Ekam watches. Harleen inquires as to your whereabouts and whether or not she, too, sings you a lullaby. She claims that no one loves me and that you and Alia are trying to ignore me. He tells you to relax, that you are not forgotten. Did Nehmat tell Alia she is her biological mother? In his opinion, Alia was not tipped off. She claims to be my daughter; if so, she shouldn’t be seeing Nehmat. He says she was in shock when you left, but Nehmat helped her through it; you returned; now everything is good; don’t worry; he has to leave for an emergency.

He then leaves after giving her the prescribed medication. I know nothing will work out, she rages, “I know Nehmat well; she wants to kidnap my daughter.” She walks over to Nehmat’s bedroom. Alia goes to sleep because of Nehmat. She is asked to leave by Harleen. She claims to be Alia’s mother and tells us, “I’ll deal with her;” you go. Nehmat is dragged and pushed by her. Calm down, Nehmat tells her. Harleen scolds her for being noisy and then hurts her. Did you come back for Ekam? If so, she tells you, “forget about him; he’s my husband.” Cherry and Renuka show up. Harleen feels faint.

We’ll discuss later, Nehmat says anxiously, because “you don’t take stress.” Harleen states, “Spare my family; I don’t want your fake sympathy.” She issues a stern warning to Nehmat. Renuka says, “Hear me out; we’ll have a chat in the morning.” No, says Harleen, you should have kicked her out; I’ll do it myself now. Nehmat is pushed by her. Ekam appears and grabs hold of Nehmat. I had to break the news to Harleen about our marriage since he thinks I’m blind to Nehmat’s insult.

Episode is over.

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