Written Episode Udaariyaan July 27, 2023 – Harleen goes back to her house

Written Episode Udaariyaan July 27, 2023 – Harleen goes back to her house

Harleen suggests I see Ekam and Alia at the outset of the episode. She passes out suddenly. A woman is holding her. Alia wants to know where her father was. Renuka assures us he will show up. Alia receives a hug from Ekam. He goes in search of Nehmat. Cherry states that she is currently inside the house. Renuka has a hearty chuckle. “I was just,” Ekam says. I need to get changed now. He enters the chamber. A female caretaker helps Harleen. Nehmat is noticed by Ekam. He continues, “Close your eyes; I have a surprise for you; I have returned; your love is always with me; nothing can happen to me.” She receives the mangalsutra from him.Forcibly, he has her don it. They have a sec. The name Nehmat has been brought to Harleen’s mind. Her eyes open. When it comes to marriage, according to Nehmat, harmony is key. That I have you here with me is a blessing, he says. They embrace one another. According to Harleen, Alia is her daughter and Ekam is her spouse. Baba ji claims that her memory has returned. Harleen insists that I return home immediately because she fears for my daughter’s safety. Don’t worry, Baba ji says; we will contact your parents. Alia embraces Ekam and Harleen, introducing them as her parents. The lady requests Ekam’s contact information. Her house is where she brings Harleen. It’s urgent, Harleen sobs, that I go to them. Mr. Ekam Randhawa, this is my wife, Nehmat. As a group, we applaud enthusiastically. Laughter may be heard from Nehmat. We didn’t expect Ekam and Nehmat to join forces, but Swaroop believes it’s all part of a cosmic game. Rupy exclaims, “I’m so glad that Nehmat finally has a wife and a mother’s respect!” According to Nimmo, she was entitled to all that has come back to her. Harleen claims that I was in an accident and then lost consciousness. The female inquirer wants to know when. Harleen thinks back. You should bring me home, she implores. Alia is joined in dance by Ekam and Nehmat. A blessing from Satti. Nimmo believes Sartaj finally found rest today; Nehmat is overjoyed to have her daughter and affection returned to her. A countdown has been ordered by Ekam. To the home of Harleen. As soon as the gate opens, she dashes inside. Alia, here, says Harleen. The return of her has stunned everyone.Harleen greets Ekam and gives Alia a hug. It’s Harleen that Nehmat visits. She is halted by Nimmo. This causes Harleen to pass out. The keeper of her is Ekam. Take her to your chamber, the lady orders. She claims that Harleen, who has been in Gurudwara for the past two months, remembers both Alia and Ekam thanks to a television appearance by the latter. Alia is dispatched by Nehmat. She says she is quite frail and in need of special attention. Don’t worry, as Nehmat assures us, we’ve got this. Be cautious, the lady says she can’t take the shock.

According to Rupy, Ekam is her husband. Nehmat confirms that we must keep our marriage a secret from her because of her mental fragility. Renuka inquires how Alia is doing. Nehmat suggests I should elaborate on Alia. They visit Alia. Stop calling me mom, she admonished. And yet, you are my mother, Alia says. Neither Ekam nor Nehmat can hold back their tears. Nehmat affirms, “Yes, you may always refer to me as Mom, and you may always refer to Harleen as Maa.” When Alia inquires as to the reason, she will be told a fib. Nehmat agrees that we can stretch the truth a little while Harleen is sick, promising to fill her in on everything later. Alia nods and gives her a hug of agreement. Nehmat takes her portrait down. Ekam watches.

Episode is over.

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