Written Episode Suhaagan 28th July 2023 – Payal plans a coup to prevent the wedding

Written Episode Suhaagan 28th July 2023 – Payal plans a coup to prevent the wedding

Payal begins the episode by apologizing. Krish has instructed me to tidy up the place. He becomes angry. From there, monetary transfers can be made as well.

I’ve been told to bring Bindiya by Phoolmati. Payal boasts that if you walk just 10 more paces, you will pass me. She then feigns faintness and a tumble to the floor. Krish carries her and forces her to sit. If there’s anyone around, he asks. He implores her to look at him. Payal opens her eyes and says she refuses to believe that he is seeing anybody else. She claims that I was late. How can I marry someone else, Krish asks when I adore you. Payal claims others will label me a traitor. Krish says no, and if you end the marriage, no one will blame you. He then proceeds to inform Baldev that he is not allowed to marry Bindiya. Baldev claims this is a scandalous situation. Bindiya then walks over and throws the garland to the floor. Baldev says, “If you think it’s a joke, then what are you doing?” in response to the misbehaving.

Krish says it would be funny if I married her and reveals that he has a special place in his heart for just Payal. Payal intervenes and asks Krish to calm down. To keep quiet, Krish begs her. Baldev accuses you of betraying him and Bindiya. If you divorce her, he continues, you have to leave the house as well. Indu confronts him angrily, telling him that Krish now has equal ownership of the house. She claims to be with Krish at this time. Dadi is angry with Payal because she has ruined her sister’s life. Krish claims she would have given her life for her sister. Payal observes Bindiya’s face.

Bindiya is sobbing. Everything is fair in love and battle, Payal tells Bindiya as she apologizes to her. Bindiya gives her a hefty slap. Payal’s mind was clearly playing tricks on her.Krish’s aarti is performed by Dadi, who removes the plate from her hands. Payal believes that her strategy is brilliant and that everyone will think she is fantastic and sacrificing for Bindiya even if she gets smacked. As a result of her fall, Dadi is unable to apply tilak to Krish properly, and kumkum gets all over Vikram’s clothes instead. Payal is worried because her initial strategy failed. Dadi requires that they adorn themselves with garlands. A close acquaintance of Indu’s reveals that no envelopes will be distributed.Bindiya is brought there by Master ji, Sarpanch, and others. A dilbaro tune starts up.Baldev tells Ishwar that Bindiya is the village’s daughter because of the respect and hard work she has gained. Krish extends his hand to Payal, then to Bindiya.

Holding his hand, Bindiya steps onto the stage. Krish and Bindiya gaze at each other and grin.Nidhi decorates Krish and Bindiya with a garland. Krish is helped up by Pankaj and the rest of the gang. Bindiya cracks a grin. Krish indicates with them to keep him down, so Bindiya decorates his head with a garland. A garlanded Bindiya awakens him up. Sakshi informs Indu that Krish has decided to be enslaved immediately. Payal notices the children playing and decides to intervene. As she approaches them, she uses the flower ball to spread blue rangoli on the floor. Krish puts a garland around Bindiya’s neck. Bindiya stoops to pat Krish on the foot. Payal flings the flower-colored ball at Krish’s head. Krish is worried that Payal is about to crack as a result of doing this. Payal gives a knowing grin. No one can hide their surprise.

Who is responsible, Baldev wants to know. Payal scolds the youngsters and orders them to go play elsewhere. She requests of Krish that he wash his face. Sakshi warns Krish that the images may turn out poorly unless he washes his face. Krish advises that I should clean. Pankaj says I’ll show up. Payal ponders his continued relationship with Krish. To contact Pankaj, she has the waiter do it. The waiter informs Pankaj that Baldev ji is trying to get in touch with him. Remove Pankaj. When Payal spots Krish approaching, she begins counting down and then pretends to pass out. She’s convinced herself that I’ll soon be Krish’s girlfriend.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Payal concludes that Krish has arrived and forbade their marriage, thinking, “I can’t take any more of this drama.” She looks over and notices Bindiya has arrived. Bindiya wants to know why the two of them can’t get married. k

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