Written Episode Saavi Ki Savaari July 27, 2023

Written Episode Saavi Ki Savaari July 27, 2023

Raksham asks the man the first question of the episode. Your son has a right to know what you are concealing from him, as well as why you are being punished and for what crime. Sonam enters her room and thinks back to Nityam’s compliments on Saavi. She throws the items in an effort to let her rage out. There, Raksham arrives. Sonam gives him a big hug and exclaims, “Thank God you came. I had no idea what had happened to me.” She claims that Saavi is to blame for my failure and devastation. She claims that I believed Saavi had destroyed everything for her. She claims that after finding a place in Maa’s heart, she did the same for Nityam. She claims that despite my efforts, Saavi was recognized as the top businesswoman despite me. She claims that she dislikes Saavi and considers her to be the cause of all of her problems. She claims that because I am expressing my sentiments in front of you because you liked me. You could think I’m a cheap, disgusting sister, but what can I do? I can’t take losing, she says. Raksham hands her tissues and asks her to wipe away her tears. She also reminds her that today is hanuman gali’s joyous occasion and that it is her obligation to be there since Nityam and Saavi will be given a magnificent welcome. Sonam has been wondering about you for a long time. He invites her to the Hanuman Gali and promises to inform her.

Ratna is asked by Brijesh to fetch the thaali. Ratna exits after claiming to have made. There, Vedika shows up. The aarti plate is held by Ratna and Nutan. Saavi and Nityam arrive joyfully, standing atop Chattriprasad. An elderly auto driver thanks Nityam for protecting their children’s future and providing for their medical needs. You arrived here as Shiv, he claims. As the car drivers praise Nityam and Saavi and play the band, Raksham and Sonam become irritated. Holding Saavi’s hand, Nityam informs her that he has just completed the best task of his life and has experienced a level of euphoria that he hasn’t had even after closing deals worth millions of rupees. He claims that right now he is drowning in his emotions. Vedika invites them over. Nutan performs aarti. Raksham recollects the elderly guy telling him that he had to take the punishment and spend 14 years in prison for a crime that he had not committed. What do you mean, Sonam queries? Raksham claims that he cannot stand the Nityam jai jai kaar. Vedika requests that Sonam do the aarti. Take the aarti, Sonam. Raksham promises to bring the Dalmias to ruin during the aarti. He claims that Nityam Dalmia is already being destroyed. Sonam is in awe. Saavi and Nityam embrace Vedika. Raksham claims that Nityam is already being destroyed.

Saavi is seated in the rear seat as Nityam rides Chattriprasad. They are content. The song Nazdeekiyan is playing.Saavi firmly grips her hand. He inquires as to what you are doing when you pinch yourself and then turn to look at me. What is going on, he interrupts Chatriprasad and inquires? Saavi claims that I was waking up from the dream on my own. What, Nityam queries? As this moonlight, good wealthier, you and I in Chattriprasad, it is a pure dream, Saavi claims that this may be a dream. Come to the front seat with me, he offers, since you won’t violate a traffic law in your dream. They take a seat in the front. Nityam queries whether it appears to be a dream. She claims that it appears to be a dream. He asks while holding her hand. Dream, according to Saavi. He’s going to kiss her soon. It’s a lovely dream, she adds as she pinches herself. She claims it is a dream, but he claims he is trying to make the event unique. If you think this is not a dream, he advises, remember this moment anyway. He blows on the horn, which causes Chattriprasad to lose his footing.

Old man dials Raksham’s number. Sonam inquires as to what you and this man are talking. Raksham claims that he is my baba and that he gave me life. How can you forget that he is Dalmia, exclaims Sonam as she motions for him to leave the area. Raksham claims that his father should have taken the consequences for the crime, but he hasn’t. Then, he claims, Vedika Dalmia adopted me from an orphanage in an effort to rise to greatness and atone for her husband’s wrongdoing.

Nityam and Saavi perform a dance in their bedroom. The song Udi Udi begins.

Episode is over.


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