Written Episode Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 July 2023 – Dua presents her creations under her own name.

Written Episode Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 July 2023 – Dua presents her creations under her own name.

In the opening scene, Haider expresses gratitude to Hamida for hiring Dua. When Dua’s husband thanks me, Hamida calls him an idiot; nevertheless, you credit me with having convinced Dua to join your team. I don’t think so, adds Haider, because I knew Dua was already hard at work on the drawings and she would never fail me or the workforce. As I lay in bed outside her door, I could hear her scribbling away at her designs all night. He then proceeds to show Hamida the designs. He thinks no one is as hardworking as my Dua. I am lucky to have a partner like you, he tells Dua, because he already knew she was hard at work.

Hamida is amazed and exclaims, “I thought you are an idiot but you are brilliant. Have the good sense to not marry Gazal, please. You should feel bad about what you did; it’s not too late to make amends. Attempting to sneak up on her from behind, Dua is pinned to the wall by Haider’s strong arm. With his hands folded and a grin on his face, he asks, “Why does your mom always yell at me?” She can, but she shouldn’t do it in front of my little brothers and sisters. Dua tells him to go immediately.After winning the opening performance of bridal fashion week, Ravi informs the family that everyone’s workload will rise. We’re all rather pleased and astonished. Thank you for this, he says to Dua as he lifts her and spins her around, and then adds, “I can’t believe we did this.” Congratulations and blessings from Hina to Haider. Haider attributes it all to God’s favor on him.

According to Ravi, we came out on top because of Dua. According to Haider, it is irrelevant. Ravi insists that a distinction exists. Dua recalled that Hamida had instructed her to credit her designs as “Dua” rather than “Haider” in the show. The fashion show’s manager shows in and announces that they need signatures on the contract. Even when Haider tries to sign, the manager has already moved on to compliment Dua on her designs. According to Haider, I run the show at Haider designs. According to the manager, the designs were submitted under the alias “Dua Designs.” No one can believe it. The manager says Dua must sign it because she is the winner. When questioned, Hina claims that Dua’s signature is on the document. Dua is confused; she keeps asking how this is possible given that Haider Designs submitted it. Hamida accepts the contract and confirms that she is the one whose drawings were chosen. She needs Dua to sign some paperwork, she says. When Dua spots a despondent Haider staring at her, she signs the document when Hamida demands it. Dua is convinced that this is the only way to protect Ruhaan from Gazal. While Haider watches, she puts her signature on the contract.

Episode is over.

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