Written Episode Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 28 July 2023 – Pratiksha puts pen to operation consent form

Written Episode Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 28 July 2023 – Pratiksha puts pen to operation consent form

What Pratiksha tells Mandip Can I feel your suffering? A mother’s pain, she claims, is something no one else can understand. This is my son, Ravi. I’m prepared to risk everything to save his life.

No one will be signing these documents without my approval. Manvi warns us not to pay attention to her. Biji claims that Mandip is currently fretful. Just stop talking, Manvi. Ignore the nonsense, as Dolly would put it. Mandip has told Dolly to quiet down. Mandip, Biji begs you to cool down. Pratiksha, Mandip tells him, has only brought curse into our planet. The reason you came to our residence is unclear. The question is why you even bothered to come to our planet. Everyone is in tears because of you. Kaviya asks, “Are you content right now?” Seeing mum and us in tears and Ravi’s life in peril must make you pleased. Pratiksha tells you to be quiet. Unlike mother ji, I’m not going to take your advice. I can empathize with her suffering.

She’s a parent now. The word on the street is. But I refuse to take your advice. Mandip tells Pratiksha, “That’s enough.” Kaviya, you won’t utter a peep. Mandip, Biji tells you to shut up. Don’t keep laying charges against Pratiksha. Mandip exclaims, “Wow, you’re opposing me!” Is this young lady more precious to you than your own grandson? Biji claims that she is just as crucial. Pratiksha said that everyone hopes Ravi recovers quickly. Mandip claims that Ravi wouldn’t be in trouble if he were as intelligent as you. You’re only out to hurt us, after all. You intentionally hurt Ravi, who is crucial to my survival. In no way can I forget you.

Amar warns Mandip to quiet down right now. Pratiksha is asked to sign a consent document by the nurse. Mandip claims that nobody will fill out the survey. Surgery is necessary, the doctor has said. The surety will be canceled if you refuse to sign. These documents require Mrs. Pratiksha’s signature. Pratiksha completes and signs the document. Kaviya urges her mother to take action. Manvi questions the source of her power. If you want to keep him alive, the doctor insists on this.

A tear is shed by Mandip. Take action, as Kaviya has urged. Ravi’s life, according to Amar, is in jeopardy. It’s not about pride this time. Make sure Pratiksha signs everything. Mandip wants Pratiksha to put her signature on something. Kaviya demands to know what her mother is up to. A signature by Pratiksha. Kinjal embraces her.

Pratiksha inspects Ravi’s operation. The nurse reports that his fist is clutching onto something. Tell me, Pratiksha, where I may find my mangalsutra. Please don’t cry, Kaviya begs Mandip. Where did it hit the ground, Dolly? Amar scans Ravi’s face. In despair, Pratiksha stares at Ravi. She decides to go pray for him at the temple. Kinjal visits him here.

If something happens to my Ravi, Pratiksha says I would die too. You already stole my parents, and now you want to steal Ravi, too? Please help me save Ravi. Kinjal embraces her. There has been a great deal of loss, according to Kinjal. However, it is unclear why you want for Ravi’s demise. So what if I do? You don’t need to cry. What you feel for him is not love. You don’t need him around here any more. Just see what develops. He’s Kaviya’s child; get over it. Please let him perish. A slap from Pratiksha.


Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Ravi claims that Pratiksha is the sole source of his joy. Come on in. What Kinjal claims Pratiksha You are blessed by God with such a kind spouse. H ome to him, please. Pratiksha sprints to catch up with Ravi.

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