Written Episode Pyar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 28 July 2023 – Shakti is accused of being a bland teenager.

Written Episode Pyar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 28 July 2023 – Shakti is accused of being a bland teenager.

When Ragunath sees a photo of Shiv with Shakti hugging him in the newspaper, and then learns that Shiv is having an affair instead of offering scholarships, he is horrified, as are the rest of the people who read the article. As she receives the paper from him, Mandira smiles. She learns of Shiv’s romance with a student using his position of authority in the scholarship program. They were cuddling obsenely as they left the medical facility. No one can believe it. Do you still think Shiv is similar to my dad, Ragunath asks Dadi? Knowing now that he is having an affair with her, I can see why he was taking her side. Gayatri expresses disbelief and asks, “Why is this happening? I think this girl is perfect for him.

” Shiv shows up to observe. When he reads the newspaper, he is taken aback. You never went against the family, but you did for a family, Ragunath explains, which is why he finally understands why you were recommending her and fighting with all of us. Because Dadi is having an affair, you turned down his proposal of a female. Shiv denies having any sort of romantic involvement with the female in question.Chacha is informed by Manorama of an upcoming event at which they can make money by doing pooja. From there he will depart. She picks up the newspaper, but she doesn’t notice the picture of Shakti and Shiv.Since Shiv is innocent, Mandira assures Ragunath: “He may have helped the girl, but that girl seems smart, and while he was helping her, she may have hugged him forcefully, right Shiv?” I had assumed her to be harmless until Nandu revealed to me the shameful truth: she had sneaked into Shiv’s room when he was alone.

And Padma says… They must be engaging in some low-brow behavior. Mandira claims that “cheap girls” will do anything for money and rich guys, suggesting that she may have planned to set Shiv up. Dadi claims Shiv has blind trust in people and cannot see through their schemes. Mandira threatens Ragunath with a forcible hug if she gains access to his bedroom. Inquiring as to Shiv’s whereabouts, Ragunath watches as he walks away. I’m on my way to help Shakti, as Shiv has instructed. Everybody here is stunned by the news.Manorama intercepts Shakti as she prepares to leave for the hospital and smacks her viciously across the face. she hurls the newspaper at her and yells, “Here’s how you got admitted.” Shakti can’t believe the news. That’s where Rimjhim goes to read the latest headlines.

Manorama yells that Shakti ruined their reputation; we may be broke, but our pride in ourselves is priceless. I can go without a paycheck, she says, but not without my honor. She claims that she was humiliated so badly by strangers at the mandir that they hurled mud at her, leaving her coated in the stuff. In the flashback, we see the women at the mandir mocking her, accusing her of exploiting Shakti for financial gain. After Manorama was thrown in the mud and shown the news, the flashback ends. Shakti weeps after hearing it all.Ragunath warns Shiv not to go there because “that girl is trouble, so stay away” from the recent events. Shiv says I have to go there to rescue her; this picture clearly shows two persons, but you’ve already shown my innocence by declaring that I was a gold digger’s victim. Why? Why does our culture continue to assume that since she is a woman, she lacks integrity and just seeks to ensnare wealthy men? Does a dreaming girl have to sign her name to everything? It’s only she who everyone seems to be pointing fingers at.

I can’t let her give up hope only to achieve her goal, therefore I have to find a way to rescue her. He storms off in a huff.I was so proud of you, but now you’ve brought such humiliation on me, Manorama yells at Shakti. You paid this amount to become a doctor, and I warned you that nothing in this world comes for free. Why did you go so low as to lie? How could you possibly not adore us? You’re only in love with yourself and your ambition. No sense of honor mattered to you.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Shiv goes to the temple to ask for Shakti’s protection till he can reach her.


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