Written Episode Parineeti for July 27, 2023 – Having Neeti as a reference for Rakesh

Written Episode Parineeti for July 27, 2023 – Having Neeti as a reference for Rakesh

I know my son doesn’t deserve Pari, Rakesh’s mother cries. But I care about him, and I want him to be happy. Everything will work out if Pari comes over to my apartment. Salojna claims that the only reason the wedding is going ahead is because Pari is carrying his child. Pami says they can’t have the wedding now. According to Rakesh, yes. I meant, as Pami puts it. Why do you constantly sharing your opinions, Rakesh asks. Is this just a way to kill time? Don’t tamper with my head. Quiet down. Pami says, “I’m starting to think that this wedding is against God’s will.” In a fit of rage, he smashes objects and declares, “I will Pari today, no matter what.” I’ll see who can stop me. There’s a lot I did for her. Today, Pari becomes my wife. I suppose I should wait and see. His mother intervenes, of course. Pami enters the house. Gurinder assures Salojna that he and Pami have decided to call off the wedding for good.

The physician examines Neeti. She claims she will feel better in the morning. Nothing just smoke and mirrors, really. Pari is asked by Neeti, “Why are you so anxious?” I’m good, thank you. Pari claims that you were the target of a murder attempt. Why? Can anyone tell me who he was? Neeti claims that I do not know what to do. According to Pari, your death was crucial to that man. Neeti suggests I may have acted inappropriately. Pari claims he put his life in danger. Away he went. When will Sanju return?

Pami claims that the wedding is off for the time being. Rakesh is a mindless robot. That beast has no right to be Pari’s husband. Pari is reportedly expecting Salojna’s child. Pami promises she will meet a better man who will love her and her child. Pami wonders if Sanju is okay. Neeti questions your interest in him and asks, “Why?” Pari claims you told him he was in your company. You weren’t at the hotel, but the police think you were. Even though NEeti claims we’ve already departed, I had to use the outhouse. We saw Sanju off first. Pari claims that Sanju is currently staying at a hotel. Pari rejects the idea of getting married and instead wants to go back in with her mother. According to Pami, the wedding is off the table. This Rakesh really behaves wild. Respect, according to rakesh’s mo. The wedding would go ahead. Pari insists that I reject this wedding. I apologize, Tai ji, Rakesh says. Angry, I made a bad decision. Away does Neeti depart. Pami assures me that I will finish up everything.

To Neeti, Salojna says Your mind is probably on Pari’s wedding. You need to take action and make it occur. No, says neeti. Salojna claims you’ll mess things up. I don’t care, she says. Rakesh claims we negotiated a bargain in which he would either kill Sanju or have Pari returned to him. Neeti asks Sanju to come over and says she will consider the wedding plans once she has spoken with him. Will he allow this marriage to go place, Salojna asks? Neeti claims that my main concern is for my Sanju. Rakesh claims to be completely trustworthy.

Pami requests that the pandit ji depart. The bride, according to Rakesh’s mother, will be ours. We have reached a point of no return. According to Pami, your son lacks etiquette. Even with Pari, he’ll act inappropriately. Rakes weeps at her feet and comes to comfort her. I’m sorry, Tai ji, he apologises. A part of me just stopped functioning. It won’t happen again because I expressed my anger quite clearly. Take me in as your own son. Pami argues that I can’t destroy Pari’s life. Neeti apologizes and says she thinks highly of Rakesh. Rakesh is the best potential suitor for Pari that we can think of. He has intense feelings for Pari. Even if he were to get angry, the wedding would make everything better. To save her, he dove into the flames. He is ideal for Pari. Pari can’t believe it. According to Neeti, my goal is to make Pari smile. When he’s around, Pari won’t be unhappy. It will go on, according to Pari, if Neeti feels Rakesh is excellent for me and I will be satisfied with him. I’ve decided to propose to him.

Neeti is asked by Gurindder, “Where is Sanju?” The two of you are driving us crazy. Apparently everything is fine, according to Neeti. No one can get him to open up to them. After the wedding is over, he’ll be back. The answer from Gurinder is positive. Salojna inquires of Neeti over her morning routine. She plays a video for him of Sanju. I can’t call off the wedding, she continues, because Sanju is OK. Rakesh had assured everyone that he is well. Neeti warns him to avoid danger at all costs.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Caption: What happened, Rakesh asks Sanju. You intended to thwart me. Do not destroy Pari’s life, SAnju begs. Rakesh promises Neeti that he will call off the wedding.

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