Written Episode Parineeti 29 July 2023 – Eventually, Tao ji and Pami begin to have doubts about Neeti.

Written Episode Parineeti 29 July 2023 – Eventually, Tao ji and Pami begin to have doubts about Neeti.

Rakesh claims that she was slyly playing me. I intend to school her severely. I knew you wouldn’t mess with me, Neeti. Sanju goes on a jog in the wild. The thugs under Jai’s command cry in agony. Rakesh performs rituals by holding Pari’s hand. Discomfort has set in for Pari. Rakesh promises Pari his unwavering loyalty and protection. The time Pari shot Neeti comes to mind. I promise to be there for my wife no matter what, Rakesh promises.

Pari remembers sanju as a constant throughout her life. I, Rakesh, pledge my support to her. Pari remembers Sanju advocating on her behalf. Pandit ji requests that Pari also swear eternal fidelity to her spouse. Not a peep from Pari. Rakesh assures me that we won’t break our word.A return to normalcy for Tao ji. He casts a furious glance at Neeti.It’s unclear to Pami. Sanju dashes through the jungle looking for an exit. Jai pursues Sanju by running. Jai is after him. Tao ji tells Pami that Neeti is keeping a secret from them. Asked by Pami, “What do you mean?” He claims that Neeti told him they went to the hotel. Tao ji claims that she has always been present. Sanju was never in this place. Hoe he left and never returned. The whereabouts of Sanju have moved about. Neeti used Rakesh’s phone to make a call. When did she start liking Rakesh so much, and why? This is all heard by Neeti. What occurred, Salojna inquires. Neeti predicts the future of my marriage. It’s all coming to an end. I am destroying my entire existence. I tried my best to get Pari out of here as soon as possible.

When Sanju arrives, everyone will find out the real story and realize I lied. Now Tao ji doesn’t believe me. So, now what? Salojna assures me that we can make things right. Don’t fret. First things first, let’s finish this wedding.Attempts are made by Sanju to leave the woods. Jai visits regularly. He warns you not to flee. You can’t stop me, Sanju says. You’re a sensible man, Jai. Release me. Not a soul will know. Okay, I hear Jai saying. To SAnju, with gratitude. Jai thrusts a toxic leaf at him. Sanju knocks him out and escapes. The return of Tao ji and Pami to the mandap.

All eyes are on Neeti now. Salojna expresses her wish that the wedding goes ahead. I need to talk to you, Pami tells Neeti. Neeti informs me that Pari has requested my presence here until the wedding. What about later? Pami requests that the wedding ceremony be halted by the pandit ji. Neeti and I need to have a chat. Gurnder insists that the nuptials take precedence. Pami insists that the wedding must take place despite the difficulty. Pari has given you permission to pick up Neeti. Neeti has concerns.It hurts Sanju’s. Jai pursues him. The thugs, in general. Where are you going, Jai asks. Sanju gets lost in the muck. They make fun of him among Jai’s soldiers.

What are your plans now, Jai ays? You’re going to be here for a while. You’re stuck in the marsh now while Rakesh weds Pari.Pami tells Neeti to shut the door. She wishes for an open and forthright response from him or her. The fearful Neeti. Pami has urged neeti to immediately contact Sanju. What does she mean? According to Pami, you mentioned Sanju and then checked into a motel. Therefore, you should immediately contact him. How long have you known Rakesh? For what reason did you use his phone? Inform me. According to Neeti, I don’t get along with him. I consider Pari a close confidant. When Pami asks you not to lie to her, you should listen.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Now I’m going to marry Pari, Rakesh tells Sanju, and you can stay in the swamp. Sanju begs you: “Don’t destroy Pari’s life!” He claims I will make Pari’s existence miserable.

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