Written Episode Parineeti 28 July 2023 – Sanju tries to avoid being detained by

Written Episode Parineeti 28 July 2023 – Sanju tries to avoid being detained by

Neeti has asked me to take Pari to the mandap. Is everything okay, she asks Pari. I’m confused, Pari says. There’s an odd vibe in the air. I can’t decide how I feel about it. Neeti says it’s time to get going.

Pari embraces her, tears streaming down his face. Neeti has given her approval. Everyone who is a girl gets nervous easily. Similarly, I felt the same way at the wedding. I feel like you’re pulling away from me, Pari says. According to Neeti, I am here. Okay, let’s get set. While Neeti helps Pari get dressed.Assaults are exchanged between the thugs. sanju is in constant motion. After calling Jai, the thugs inform him that Sanju has escaped. Have you made things worse now, Alavat asks Rakesh. You must not make any mistakes at this time. Don’t lose your cool.

There won’t be any problems, according to Rakesh. Let’s go, says Rakesh’s mom.Preparations for the wedding have begun. Rakesh declared, “Pari and I are getting married at long last.” To everyone, I say thanks. I’m sorry for my bad behavior. I have some assurances for Pari. A promise from Rakesh to his wife that she will never be unhappy. Don’t ever make her feel bad about crying. Never again will I make the same errors. I will support her no matter what happens in life. The same is true for me when it comes to her.Sanju goes on a run in the wild.

The thugs give chase. Sanju is able to conceal himself. Preparations for the wedding have begun. They are married by Rakesh’s mother. Sanju loses his balance and falls. He hurts his leg. This knot, according to Neeti, cannot be tied. No one can believe it. Chandrika guarantees that Neeti will make things right. Neeti has asked me to perform the nuptials. Everyone can’t believe it. Neeti binds the knot. A tear forms in Pari’s eye. She implores Neeti to remain seated. Without you, I’m nothing but a weakling. My friend Neeti has informed you that I am present.The jungle is also a destination for Jai. Sanju picks a handful of non-toxic leaves. He abandons them en route. Salojna announces that the wedding will go as planned. Jai informs Rakesh that sanju has dispersed toxic leaves throughout the jungle. Return it to him, Rakesh orders. Slay him.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: It’s home that Sanju wants to return to. Rakesh is getting ready to cover Pari’s bald spot.

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