Written Episode Pandya Store 29 July 2023 – Mittu is apprehended.

Written Episode Pandya Store 29 July 2023 – Mittu is apprehended.

At the outset of the episode, Natasha explains, “My bracelet fell down; I must return.” This makes Suman grin. Mittu arrives. Suman has instructed that we enter the house and meet with Dhawal’s mom. Natasha warns not to go back on our word and have more than one incident every day.

Suamn claims I agreed to something I can’t recall. You know the bracelet is important to me since Natasha says you gave it to me when I was 16 years old. Suman remembers giving Natasha the bracelet and wishing her a happy birthday. Natasha weeps tears of joy. According to Shesh, she also gave us one. They embrace Suman. Suman claims I won’t speak to anyone but those I like. Natasha warns that we will be responsible for the cost of the chandelier as well as the bracelet if we are detected. As an experiment, Suman and Mittu try whistling. They return to the scene in search of the bracelet. When Dhawal comes along, they run. Suman assures me that a chandelier is not that expensive, so we can afford it.

Mittu inquires as to where we can locate the bracelet. Guests are invited to view the board. They skip the traditional engagement hall in favor of a college campus. Pranali proudly displays the dessert she had ordered. Chirag claims he can’t find the ring. Maa assures us that everything will be taken care of.Dhawal plans to check things out in higher education. He notices that visitors are on their way. Inquiring minds want to know if this is Chirag and Dolly’s engagement party. Dhawal has confirmed his agreement. Shesh has an idea for a business. Seeing the hall so deserted causes Dolly concern. Where are the guests, she inquires. Her tears fall. Where is Chirag, she inquires. She approaches him.

The jewelry is mentioned by Maa, and Mittu overhears it. The bracelet is in the jewelry box, which he notices. Maybe it was included with the collection, Hetal speculates.I found the bracelet, they think it belongs to us, it’s in the diamond necklace, you should come, Mittu says to Natasha on the phone. Because she says she can’t make it, you can show her you’re not a chicken. Mittu endeavors to acquire the bracelet.

Dolly is comforted by Chirag. As soon as she sees them, Maa breaks into a broad grin. And Pranali mocks her. Maa admonishes her.That bracelet is going to Mittu. He’s concerned. It hasn’t escaped Maa’s attention. Suman claims he is not Shiva and blames his mother, Raavi. Mittu is captured by Maa.


Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Mittu gets smacked by Maa, who accuses him of stealing. Suman claims to be my grandchild; my granddaughter gave him her jewelry. If Natasha is a thief as Maa claims, I will notify the authorities.


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