Written Episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein for July 27, 2023

Yeh Hai Chahatein for July 27, 2023

Nitya approaches her father-in-law carrying a knife and disguising herself as a masked assassin. Upon seeing her, Dadaji becomes terrified. Nitya claims that he is so powerful that he managed to escape from a terrible accident, but she will still murder him. Dadaji steps back and drops the water cup. Kashvi rushes outside when she hears noise. She yells in amazement as she witnesses a masked assassin attempting to stab dadaji. Nitya hears Kashvi and wonders why she is here rather than at the Sabharwal home; she had set the Sabharwal home on fire to draw Kashvi’s attention there while she killed Dadaji here; now Kashvi will catch her in the act. Kashvi enquires about her and tries to remove her mask. She is pushed away by Nitya as she flees. Kabir and his aide come back. She can’t allow Arjun’s Dadaji pass away, says Kashvi.

Arjun makes an effort to rescue Mrs. Sabharwal from the burning Sabharwal home. He sees her attempting to remove her late husband’s photo from the wall. When a blazing beam falls in front of them, he assists her in getting it and tries to rescue her. Daadi collapses in fear. Arjun lifts her, feels her pulse, and helps her leave the house. Smoke inhalation causes him to pass out. Keval worries about him, along with his kids. When the ambulance arrives, the doctor examines Arjun and advises that they must take him urgently to the hospital since his lungs are smoke-filled. Kabir receives word from Kashvi that Dadaji was just attacked. Who would do that, Kabir wonders. One who attempted to accidentally kill Dadaji ten years ago, according to Kashvi. How did that person learn about Dadaji’s presence, Kabir wonders. Kashvi claims that just the three of them are aware of his presence here and that she didn’t even tell Arjun about it. Kashvi is being closely followed by the assassin, so Kabir asks her to return home.

When Nitya arrives at the Sabharwals to express her fictitious pity for them, she finds out that Arjun was trying to save them when he passed out and is now in an ambulance. Nitya runs to Arjun believing that she intended to kill Kashvi, but her scheme backfired and Arjun was hurt. She holds Kashvi accountable for Arjun’s state. When Arjun awakens, he inquires about Daadi. He inquires about Daadis’ condition with the doctor. Her vital signs are normal, but the doctor believes she has smoke in her lungs and will recover quickly. Sabhwarwals express gratitude to Arjun for saving their lives. The fire brigade officer informs them that they started the fire, but because the house is currently unlivable, they have moved. In a panic, Romila inquires as to their future lodging. They are welcome to stay in Arjun’s home. They pause and claim they’ll find a way somewhere. Asserting their relocation to the Bajwa residence, Arjun promises. They absolutely concur. Nitya believes she made a serious error and now has to put up with the Sabharwals in her home.

Taken home by Arjun is Sabharwal. Daadi sobs, lamenting their whole loss. When Kashvi gets home, she is shocked to see her family waiting for her. She inquires as to whether anything occurred. Romila claims they lost everything when their house caught fire. To cause friction between Arjun and Kashvi, Nitya inquires about her whereabouts when she left her house to see her daadi. Kashvi is then questioned by Romila. In order to shield her from Romila, Arjun believes Kashvi must have gone to visit Kabir. He so asks her not to press Kashvi further. He then picks up Kashvi. In order to get Kashvi and Arjun to fight, Nitya believes she needs to try something new.

Arjun informs Kashvi that he is aware of her relationship with Kabir, including the fact that she traveled from Faridabad with him and recently shared chole bhature with him. Kashvi questions whether he was the one who attempted to kill Dadaji if he is aware of this. When Kashvi takes Dadaji home, Nitya freaks out.

Episode is over.

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