Written Episode of Udaariyaan 29 July 2023 – Truth-teller Jasmin opens up to Harleen.

Written Episode of Udaariyaan 29 July 2023 – Truth-teller Jasmin opens up to Harleen.

Harleen begins the episode by pleading with Ekam to get rid of Nehmat. Ekam tells her to relax because her stress levels are too high. What’s bothering me is that Harleen claims to be living in our home without being asked to leave. Cherry suggests that you demand your rights from Nehmat. What? inquires Harleen. Renuka clarifies that by “taken care of Alia,” she means that Nehmat should be allowed to remain in the house.

According to Harleen, Cherry probably didn’t intend that. They leave. As Nehmat is embraced by Ekam, she smiles. They’re inconsolable. Cherry, according to Nehmat, we need to consult with the doctor before we can tell Harleen the truth. To get the facts, Harleen knows she can always count on Jasmin. According to Alia, Nani planned to kill Nehmat and that’s why her father put her in prison. Harleen can’t believe it. She plans to see Jasmin behind bars. I’m thrilled to have you here, as Jasmin exclaims. I don’t know what happened to me, Harleen says to you. According to Jasmin, Nehmat blamed me for failing the car brakes because she was the one who failed them on your vehicle.

This upset me, so I went to her house intending to kill her. However, after you departed, Nehmat and Ekam got married, and no one bothered to notify you. Harleen says, “They’ve been keeping a big secret from me.” Jasmin confirms that she deceived Alia and married Ekam, but assures us, “Don’t worry; I’ll make everything fine” now that you’re back. Harleen promises, “I will destroy my enemies; I will not abandon Nehmat; I will become your daughter to prove it.” Jasmin cracks a grin.Nehmat prepares her luggage. Ekam interrupts her. It’s time for her to leave, she explains, because Harleen has already left for Gurudwara. Not gonna happen, says Ekam. Nehmat insists that we must not destroy Harleen’s future. While he admits he can’t imagine life without you, he worries about your significant other, Alia. You believe I can survive without Alia and you, she argues, but you’re wrong. They embrace each other. At home, Harleen observes them.

Nehmat asks that you back me up. Harleen walks up to Nehmat and slaps him.She pulls Nehmat along behind her. Ekam interrupts her. When Harleen saw you and Ekam cuddling, she said, “I will not tolerate this.” Nehmat warns Harleen, “Enough already. You’re not okay. Doctor, I’m going to call Ekam, he says. Why, Harleen wonders, do you want to contact the doctor and say I’ve gone nuts so you can lock me up and live happily ever after? She politely requests her departure. She decides to smack herself with a vase. Here are Tiger and Alia. Alia interjects, “Were you hitting Mam? You’re just like Nani, aren’t you?” Suddenly, Harleen knocks over the vase. A tear rolls down her cheek. In other words, you are my entire existence, as Harleen puts it. Alia embraces Nehmat. Cherry implores Harleen to take a deep breath.

If anything similar happens to you, what will you do, Harleen inquires. According to her, I’m in a battle to keep my spouse and baby. Cherry agrees with you; she thinks you’re right. Harleen embraces her and promises to have her family fight by her side. An account of Nehmat and Harleen as told by Sandhus. Swaroop claims that the same thing has happened again, this time with Harleen being Jasmin’s daughter; she had previously abducted Nehmat’s daughter; and her obsession with Alia can drive her to any lengths. Satti claims that Renuka is ignoring her calls. Harleen calls, and Rupy answers. He doesn’t inquire as to what, but rather why. Renuka and Nehmat see and comment, “We don’t know about this puja preparations.” It is time for the Sandhus to arrive. Alia is bringing Harleen along. Cherry wants to know why you’re here in your wedding attire. Alia reports that Maa and dadda are getting remarried today. No one can believe it.

Episode is over.

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