Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 29 July 2023 – The Brars Believe that Sahiba Is Hiding the Truth About Simran’s Father

Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 29 July 2023 – The Brars Believe that Sahiba Is Hiding the Truth About Simran’s Father

Seerat says Sahiba knows Simran’s father’s identity. Seerat is seeking to discover Simran’s biological father, so when Angad asks if she’s lost it, she replies that Sahiba wouldn’t know. Seerat claims she is not making things up out of the blue because she witnessed Sahiba’s conversation with Simran’s dad earlier today. Hansraj and Prabjyoth enter and inquire as to the availability of breakfast fare. Sahiba’s drama, according to Jasleen. Seerat presses Sahiba for information on Simran’s biological father. Angad wonders if it’s indeed the case.

Akaal claims that Sahiba would have told them who Simran’s father is if she had known. Manveer claims that Sahiba’s silence is equally revealing. Angad persists in his insistence. Sahiba confirms that he is aware of the identity of Simran’s father, but he refuses to share it.Seerat claims that she was unable to identify Simran’s biological father because she was unable to see his face. Sahiba says that ten years ago, after learning about Manveer’s extramarital affair with Gayathri, Inder told her that Manveer had vowed to commit suicide. Jasleen assumes the worst of Simran’s parents, a characterless mother and a cowardly father, and accuses Sahiba of keeping these details from her. Manveer agrees with Jasleen that they should get rid of Simran as soon as possible. If Simran’s dad is still alive, you can’t keep her at home, says Jaspal. According to Akaal, Jagadish is correct. In Sahiba’s opinion, Simran and her family are perfectly fine. Sahiba’s family hasn’t stopped blaming her.Inder acknowledges that Simran is his and Gayatri’s biological daughter.

Members of the family can’t believe it. Manveer brings up Inder’s extramarital affair with Gayatri, and how despite Akaal’s vow from a decade ago that he wouldn’t have any contact with her, Inder prolonged the relationship and produced a child. Inder says he’s sorry to Manveer for keeping the truth from him and that he and Gayatri lost touch after that. Seerat claims Inder was terrified of his relatives, but Manveer was kept in the dark on purpose by Sahiba. Manveer confronts Sahiba, demanding to know why she withheld the facts despite knowing that a husband’s extramarital affair is the gravest sin a woman can do. Sahiba claims to have known all along, but has kept quiet at Inder’s request.

After taking Simran home, she finally met her and found out who her father was. Seerat maintains her accusations against him and claims she is lying. Angad accepts her story at face value and keeps yelling at Sahiba. Sahiba has also been accused by Jasleen and Manveer.Inder claims that Sahiba is telling the truth and that he asked her to keep the information secret until the appropriate moment. Manveer continues to cry and insists that betrayal has no expiration date. Although Inder tries to persuade her, she eventually walks away sobbing. Angad prevents Inder from betraying Manveer by addressing him by name and saying that his mother has no room for a traitor. He shouts at him, telling him not to approach his mother. There’s more tension.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Intoxicated Angad and an inebriated Sahiba sit by the pool, where he begins a hoarse rendition of a song. Sahiba tells him to quiet down. Angad tells her how much he cares about her. Regarding Simran, Sahiba inquires whether he will not back her up. Angad advises her to give the choice to him.

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