Written Episode of Katha Ankahee for July 27, 2023 – Viaan and Katha tell each other they love each other.

Written Episode of Katha Ankahee for July 27, 2023 – Viaan and Katha tell each other they love each other.

Aarav was taken aback when he heard Viaan used to address Robin at the workplace. He sees Viaan in Katha’s office, staring at her. He remembers Robin’s crush on a single mom, the times he and Katha went to the workplace together, and the many times Robin professed his love for Katha to him. He encourages Neerja to leave when she returns. Aarav saw Viaan approaching the elevator and pressed the button in time to get away.

Viaan felt like he was leaving something behind when he returned home. He double-checked everything and saw that Vanya had texted him to say that she was missing him. While waiting for him to return, Vanya looked through their photo album. While perusing the snapshot Vanya provided, he becomes aware of Katha’s intense gaze upon him. When Katha needed to get in touch with him but couldn’t, he had the driver make a U-turn and return to the office. Even though he tried calling Katha, she was out of earshot.

Viaan hurries to Katha’s quarters but finds that she has disappeared. Overhearing Jenny, he inquired about Katha. Jenny informed him that she was leaving. Neerja received a call from Viaan who wanted to know where Katha was. Where did she go? he ponders. Viaan was asked whether he required anything from the office lad. He has an epiphany and has to get out of there.

After being called by Katha, Viaan makes his way to the library. He looked everywhere for her, but finally spotted her in the far corner, perusing a book. Unfortunately for Katha, he has missed his flight. Viaan should have known better by now; he’s never done anything wrong, yet he can sense her pulse. That she initiated contact between the two of them. He seemed to have taken everything with him, except one final item. They were each unaware of how much they needed the other. Katha was missed by Viaan. Even though he’s right in front of her, she can’t help but feel abandoned. They will construct the monument to their shared aspirations, and Viaan is an idiot for missing that reference. Viaan is here, inquiring about whether or not they will work together to construct that memorial. Katha is in his usual spot, perusing his library of choice for inspiration. She considers him to be the raw material for this monument she hopes to create with him. She is the essence, in Viaan’s eyes. Katha wants to tell Viaan that the next time they meet, she has no interest in hiding out with him. She tells Viaan she wants to spend the rest of her life with him by clasping his hand. She looks up and sees firefly, catches one. Those fireflies completely around them.

Teeji was at the airport, waiting for Viaan, as the plane was about to take off. In frustration, Teeji ripped up the tickets.

After hearing about Viaan, Aarav was taken aback.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, Viaan and Katha were captivated by the firefly. According to Viaan, there once was a city dweller who believed the firefly escaped to a distant land, where he had dreams that went unrealized since she was never a part of them. Her poetry is what he reads. He realized that the firefly were her eyes, words, and expression, and that he could only be bright because of them. When Katha starts to speak, Viaan cuts her off. Since this is all extremely foreign to him, he might feel threatened by the vanishing firefly. He wonders if he should tell the blackness to leave him, apologizing for being forced to look for his way in the dark. Katha had to give him time to make sense to her as a poet. If she is a firefly, then Viaan is the calm air she craves. Viaan is impressed and wonders if she is a poet. Katha is starting to follow her lead. Her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. From around the bend, Teeji saw everything that happened.

Teeji is fuming as she sits in her car and tells the driver to take her home.

As they travel along the road, Viaan’s gaze never leaves her. He recalls Katha explaining the distinction between stories and Catechu to him. Katha will now serve as his catechu. Viaan is experiencing feelings beyond any he has ever known. Viaan needs to tell somebody, needs to tell the world. Katha interrupts him. Insanity, according to Viaan. When Katha tells Viaan she is just as upset as he is, he wonders when she found out. Katha can’t pinpoint when exactly she first experienced genuine concern for another person. The attention reveals the depth of their connection.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : Viaan didn’t make it to the airport, Teeji had to break the news to her sister, because he was with Katha. Katha describes her son to Viaan and even shows her a photo of him. To her, Viaan’s Batman was always her own son.


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