Written Episode Neerja 28th July 2023 – For scolding Munmun, Pisi Maa

Written Episode Neerja 28th July 2023 – For scolding Munmun, Pisi Maa

On the phone, Munmun tells Bijay that she became disoriented at Sonagachi. She and Abir are being retrieved by Bijay. Pisi Maa’s wrath is directed at Munmun.

Because of Abir, Munmun feels responsible for what happened in Sonagachi. Bijay shows up in the station to secure her release. He warns Munmun that if Pisi Maa finds out about Sonagachi, she will become enraged. Okay by Munmun.On the flip side, Abir probes Neerja on her contentment in the marriage.

There are no words she can think to say. He becomes enraged. She shakes her head to indicate her contentment, but she really has no idea what the future holds. Abir then has her choose a sherwani pattern for him to make. Abir is picked up by Bijay. Abir wants to bring Neerja home with him, but Bijay insists he wait till they get married. Bijay and Abir are leaving.Home is where they finally arrive. Pisi Maa is livid and orders Munmun to cool off in the shower. Abir demonstrates a sherwani style. Pisi Maa assures him that he would get all he ever wanted.

Because Munmun failed at even the most basic of tasks, Kaushik is frustrated and angry with her. On the other side, when Neerja thinks of what Abir said, she grins. Pratima informs her that Abir’s loved ones are fine with the wedding. Neerja’s mood drops as she realizes she’ll have to separate from her mother.

Pratima assures her that she will be adopted by a loving family. They overhear a noise and decide to investigate. Didun is having a party. She insists that tonight is the only time she can do the Haldi process.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Pratima gives Neerja a saree with the intention of changing Neerja’s life through marriage. Didun threatens Pratima with telling the truth to Bijay’s family until she returns the money she stole from her.

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