Written Episode Meet 29th July 2023 – Alive Sumeet

Written Episode Meet 29th July 2023 – Alive Sumeet

With the antidote in tow, Shlok is en route to the hospital. If the doctor thinks Shlok would need some time, he will let Raj know, and Raj can then inquire at local hospitals about an antidote. Raj comforts Sumeet by sitting at her side.

The doctor has warned him that if she falls asleep she will go into a coma. Shlok is seriously hurt in a car crash. As much as possible, Raj is attempting to keep Sumeet awake. He subsequently prays at Mata Rani. Awakening occurs for Shlok. He rises and begins to move. Raj begs you to hurry to him, Shlok.Eventually, Shlok makes it to the clinic. While fleeing, he accidentally runs into a staff. The vial of antidote is thrown.Shagun has taken a call at this time. She thinks she hears a dhol player. The name Sumeet rings, so she checks.

Shagun questions how that could be so. Sumeet replies to her, “Won’t you welcome me?” as he gently touches her feet. You’ve been waiting for me for what seems like forever, and now that I’ve finally here, you don’t seem very happy to see me. Shagun begins to perspire. As a joke, Sumeet tells her, “Your plan was great, but Meet mumma used to say, savior is always greater than the killer and in this case same happened.”Shlok is shown bringing the antidote to the doctor in a flashback. He hands it over to Sumeet and rescues her.Now back in the present, Sumeet still laughs at Shagun and makes fun of her. This has Shagun irate. She informs Sumeet that she just did grah pravesh at home and that she forgot about it in her excitement. Sumeet warns her not to be joyful, calling himself “a storm” for making such a statement. They wanted to bring her home, but now she will make them pay for it, and they can’t do anything about it. Shagun warns her not to act like Meet around him. Meet mumma would first say it, and then do it, but I do it first and then say it, says Sumeet. For instance, I just informed you that Raunak’s bail was canceled. The anger of Shagun.

Minister put a lot of pressure on me to get Raunak out on bail, but when I gave the police this video, the bail was revoked. No matter what happens, Shagun promises to come to Raunak’s rescue. You can use all the money and power in the world, but I will use the truth to get Raunak out, Sumeet warns. I will wait for you here until then.Mother weaves a thread around Shlok’s hand for good luck. She is frustrated with Sumeet. She’s not like that, according to Shlok. His mom had everyone come out to give their opinion on how he is doing. Nobody likes Sumeet. Shlok’s mom places his hand on her head and makes him swear he won’t see Sumeet again. Sumeet is now being reticent.Sumeet examines a picture of Meet and declares that she has traveled to the home of her sworn enemy in order to exact vengeance. She puts in a call to Shlok. Shlok can’t make up his mind. I can talk to her, he replies, even though Maa warned him not to look her in the eye. When he answers, he inquires as to whether there is an issue. The situation, according to Sumeet, is fine.

He promises that this is their last meeting. She argues that if they don’t get together, they won’t be able to formulate a strategy. She presses him to explain the problem. His mother gave him kasam (a warning) not to see her, he informs her. She claims to have found an answer and proposes a meeting with him.Sumeet, what did you think that you would come to my house, play a game, and I would be quiet? says Shagun as she sharpens a trishul/trident. Never. Then Sumeet appears behind the curtain. Shagun is curious about her latest drama.

Shagun summons her staff and gives them orders. Sumeet tells herself that she has to get some veiling practice. Sumeet trips as one of the servants sets the trident to one side and the other scatters pebbles in her path. Shagun then tells the servant to block Sumeet’s path with the skateboard. Sumeet arrives on the trident on his skateboard. To keep an eye on things, Shagun does this.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:  Raj overhears Shagun telling her lawyer that she fabricated medical records to get Raunak’s release on bond. Informing Sumeet and Shlok, he phones them. Sumeet is asked by Shlok what they would do next. Sumeet says her mother instilled in her the importance of watching the opposing player’s moves as well as your own. At the police station, Sumeet is seen ripping up his bail paperwork.

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