Written Episode Maitree 29th July 2023

Written Episode Maitree 29th July 2023

And then Andish rips up the parcel that Sattu brought him. When Nandish is out of it, he can view his pictures. The phone rings, and it’s Satya. Nandish begs satya to abandon him. Satya insists on staying with him and warns him to expect more excitement. A bell chimes, and Nandish answers it. He then goes downstairs, elbows Maitree out of the way, and takes another package.

Maitree ponders the source of Nandish’s seeming anxiety.In his chamber, Nandish retreats. When Maitree arrives, she orders Nandish to unpack the package. Nandish promises to check it out down the road. There, Swayam and Juhi approach Nandish with a request: please open the package. Nandish takes the bow off the box. Swayam and Juhi say goodbye to Maitree after she orders them water pencils. If Nandish is okay, Maitree will inquire. Nandish abruptly tells her he is OK and then leaves to visit a friend. For some reason, Maitree can relate to Nandish’s predicament and decides to go along.Maitree secretly follows Nandish. Nandish receives a parcel from Satyam, and then drives off in a vehicle to deliver it. Maitree stalks Nandish’s car and then gives him a call. The call to Nandish goes unreturned.

Maitree tries to connect with Harsh and Dinesh, but her call drops.Nandish is abandoned in the bush by the car’s driver. Nandish gets a call from a narcotics dealer and goes in the direction they provide him. Maitreya visits the place. Nandish works as a drug courier. The dealer in question calls Satyam to report that he has the narcotics package in his possession. The drug dealer inquires of Nandish as to the arrival of the subsequent shipment. Nandish tells the drug traffickers that he has no interest in doing business with them. Satyam receives a phone call from the drug dealer, who tells him about Nandish’s pleading. Satyam has ordered that they murder Nandish.

The traffickers tell Nandish that death is the only way out of dealing drugs. This is all illegal conduct, and Maitree knows it. She throws stones at them, takes the gun from them, and saves Nandish. Who is she, they wonder. According to Maitrey, I am Nandish’s mom. They promise Maitree that they won’t abandon her and then leave. Maitree tells Nandish he’s sorry he didn’t appreciate his fear sooner. Nandish embarks from that point. The search for Nandish by Maitree. She gives Harsh a call and fills him in on what’s going on.Harsh claims to his wife and children that he still can’t believe their Nandish joined the drug cartel. Maitree claims she is to blame for Nandish’s suffering.

Tough insists it’s not her fault. Maitree spots the silhouette of an observer and tells Harsh that someone is listening in. To apprehend him, Harsh chases after him. Maitrey puts on a lamp next to the deity to protect Nandish from harm. She misses Nandish and often thinks back on the good times they shared. A little later, she takes a tumble and finds a bangle that does not belong to her on the floor.

Episode is over.


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