Written Episode Junooniyat 28 July 2023 – Tina is saved by Ilahi.

Written Episode Junooniyat 28 July 2023 – Tina is saved by Ilahi.

Bau ji wants to know when you two will do a duet. Jordan acknowledges that he has had commercial success before but notes that the music business is unique. It doesn’t go together. I’ve got this covered. Bau ji recommends that you and Ilahi have a conversation. In appreciation, Ilahi expresses gratitude.

Jordan is here and he is fuming. Ilahi visits that place. Can’t you see what I’m doing, asks Jordan. You deliberately planted the idea in his head. Had him brainwashed. I was as surprised as everybody when Ilahi said no. Just what is the problem. You’re more famous than me because he says so, right? If you’re around, people will take me seriously. Who could possibly rescue me. I’m saying we should, Ilahi says. Oh, shut up, he snaps. I, Jordan Mehta, am independent and do not require your help. I am known for my unique rapping technique. I’m OK without you. The Sultan is solely to blame for my misfortune. When everyone else forgets him, Jordan will be the only name left. Disgusted, he storms off. Bau ji examines Ilahi’s face. Don’t worry, he adds, he’ll give it some thought. In order to reunite with my mother, Ilahi believes I must be successful.Jahan contacts Diljot by phone to complain about her annoying nature.

Despite her illness, she ordered pizza. Diljot says she’s happy you’re her kind of friend. I can’t even get her attention. Jahan begs her not to chow down on the pizza. So, he decides to take it. Stop right there, as far as Seerat is concerned. The call suddenly ends. Diljot had recommended that I visit India. Perhaps I’ll even run across Ilahi there. I know she despises me and avoids me like the plague. but I’ll be there soon, Ilahi.Ilahi Jordan’s childhood images are displayed by Bau ji. He recalls Jordan as a bitter young man. Dadi claims he hasn’t changed a bit. According to Bebe, today is the birthday of our guru ji. Every year, Tina and I make the trip to the orphanage to deliver these gifts. Ilahi senses something is wrong whenever Tina visits. Bebe claims that many underprivileged children are in Guru ji’s care. Tina can go without me since I’m not feeling well. Tina yells “I don’t want to go there” from the basement. What’s the matter, Mahip wants to know. You have to leave, she says. Is there a problem, Inder inquires. They wouldn’t believe me, she claims. Mahip confirms that this is indeed their preferred method of entertainment. This is a noble act. This family has benefited greatly from Guru ji’s graces. Leaving is mandatory.

I don’t want to leave, as Tina has told me. Bebe adds that he has been a huge blessing to our family. Many politicians, according to Mahip. We must avoid making him mad. Get ready, and then go. It’s puzzling to Ilahi. Tina has never looked so anxious before.Tina prepares to go. When Ilahi thinks about her, he gets anxious. Inder reveals this information to a Canadian representative. According to Mahip, I’ll be joining them at the airport. Tomorrow at 5pm, they’ll be there. Tomorrow at five, Jahan informs Baljeet, you will arrive. Your agent coordinated your flight with a representative from India. My mother is also returning to me.In walk Ilahi and Tina. Tina is sobbing into a scarf. Mahip embraces her. What’s wrong, they all wonder. Thank God, I made it, adds Ilahi. Everyone can’t believe it. It’s time to go, Baljeet tells Jahan. Will things work out okay? Jahan assures us that medical personnel will accompany you. Don’t stress. Baljeet has informed me that I appear anxious. I am with you both, Jahan says. I can’t wait to bring you home, he tells his mother and father. Many individuals will be expecting repayment from us.Bebe blames myself for everything. That’s where I should have been. There is a hug exchanged between them. Tina sobs and says, “I don’t know what would have happened to me if Ilahi hadn’t been there.” What occurred, Bau ji wants to know. Tina coerced the Guru ji into coming closer to her. I want to go, she said.

He made advances at her but she resisted. Ilahi walked up to him and smacked him. She called Tina outside. I really don’t understand how Guru ji can accomplish that (Mahiip syas). Tina claims that he has a negative bias toward me. What gall of Indder, he says. According to Ilahi, he has been taken into police custody. Mahip claims you brought the cops there without calling us first. Ilahi claims he was acting inappropriately toward Tina. He deserves retribution. Mahip predicts that from here on out, the media will be fixated on Tina. They will slander us. At the very least, tell us once. You’re going to withdraw the formal complaint. The police station is off-limits to my daughter. I will not retract the complaint, as Ilahi has informed you. This isn’t just about tina. It’s about a large group of women. We women need to speak up for ourselves and demand justice from those who would harm us. If we back down, poor people will never organize.

For the sake of these community services, Ilahi argues, you can have my daughter. According to Ilahi, we’re related. I’m taking care of this for the both of us. My sibling is Tina. The drama, Mahip warns you, must end.You’ve been told to cease and desist by Bau ji. What does Tina want, he inquires. Tina thinks Ilahi is correct. We need to find a way to punish that low-level fake baba. Without a doubt, I shall report to the police station and provide a statement. According to Bau ji, if Tina and Ilahi desire something to occur, it will. Yet, as Mahip points out,. But what does Bau Ji say? We need to defend Tina and show him who’s boss. Ilahi, he says. That’s awesome, and you should be proud of yourself.I got a place, too, Jahan tells Seerat. It’s where we’ll settle everything down. She claims you never even asked me for assistance. You’re sick, Jahan says, and you’ve already done enough. Mama, daddy, he says, welcome home. Your esteem for me will be restored.Mahip assures Inder that the entire city will laugh at us. There you stood, not saying a word. According to him, Bau ji has already decided. Mahip claims that they will eventually rise up against me. Tina tells Ilahi that the family wouldn’t be complete without him. I apologize. You saved me despite the fact that I prevented you from seeing the music producer. I apologize.

I swear I’ll never mistrust you again. Ilahi has given his approval. Rest, as advised by Ilahi. Tina asks Ilahi if he is prevented from pursuing his goals by his mother and Jordan. A nice daughter-in-law and wife is all I should aspire to be, according to Ilahi. Her inquiry concerns Jordan. Ilahi claims I will surpass him in fame. Not according to Tina. Ilahi says I’ll show him I’m a good wife and a talented singer. It is not my intention to steal Jordan’s spotlight, and I intend to show him that. What Tina thinks you should do is have a chat with your old man. He’ll back you up 100%. My son Ilahi says I don’t want any arguments here. This family has helped us maintain our honor. Keep this between us and the people you know. Tina embraces her.Priyanka sends Ilahi a text message. She greets you, Ilahi, and asks, “What do you think?” When are you going to put up a video? Yes, Ilahi says, I have something planned. I’m going to make that first move toward my goal.

Jordan casts his gaze toward Ilahi. Priyanka is curious as to your next steps. Ilahi says you’ve been really forceful with me. In reality, it’s Jordan. I’ll be meeting my mum shortly, Ilahi says. Priyanka inquires as to your future endeavors. Before Ilahi can respond, bebe interrupts.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: How dare you sing with the Sultan, Jordan yells at Ilahi. You can’t treat me like way, Ilahi says. Jordan has told us to be quiet. I’ve had enough of your nonsense, my fantasy. Why don’t you stay in? Jordan, Ilahi yells. A slap from Jordan. Ilahi has had enough of Jordan Mehta. I’ve been patient and tolerant up until today. Never again. I’m getting out of this marriage today.

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