Written Episode Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, July 27th, 2023 – The Nishta Anushtaan of Veera

Written Episode Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, July 27th, 2023 – The Nishta Anushtaan of Veera

We begin with Veera threatening to take the life of our protagonist, Samar. Maan says no, we need to figure out who Samar is and what he wants; whose kalash is this, since he was communicating with it; if you kill him, the threat will disappear along with him. Veera agrees to your visit. They go away. Samar comments to Maan, “You’ve been visiting my room quite frequently lately.” Maan says I came to invite you to puja; please plan to attend soon. Samar claims you have anger in your eyes. And Maan mocks him. Samar laments, Despite my greatest efforts, I fear that I shall remain an adversary in your eyes. Maan warns, “Begin the countdown; after the puja, I will bring your truth out in front of everyone, and then you will have to leave.” There goes that guy. Shiv and Surili learn of the upheaval in Ranakgarh via the news. What’s going on in Ranak, Ranimaa wonders. He assures me that everything is taken care of. Ranimaa requests that Maan inform Shiv to wait in Mumbai until everything is settled. She assures me that Nishta Anushtaan will take place today, that our custom would not be broken. It’s fine, according to Swati; Raghav is there to take care of everything. That, according to Surili, rules out a trip to Ranak. Yes, Shiv says, that custom will end today. Veera attends the ceremony and takes a seat. Samar is in his field of vision. The video call between Surili and Shiv is successful. Feels good to see this, according to Ranimaa. Ranimaa hands Veera the blade. He vows to keep the peace at home at all times. He apologises to Shiv, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t prove my loyalty to you today.” Raghav is told to leave by Swati. Veera has been stopped by Surili. She forces Shiv to carry out the ceremonies.

She finishes the rite as expected. Ranimaa cracks a grin. Samar says I should look for your answer. You are the protector of the Barot family, and Surili says I will always be there for you, Veera. Thank you so much, Veera. Pandit requests that everyone in the family apply tilak to Veera. The tilak is done by all. Samar is halted by Veera. Sorry, he replies, but only members of the Barot family are allowed to take part in this ceremony. Samar has mistaken me for a Barot, but I guarantee I’m the only one here. Swti mocks Raghav.

Ranimaa has asked Shiv and Surili to look after everything. Samar invites you to her room, saying, “You want to know my entire truth, come with me, and I will show you a trailer, and you will understand the entire game.” There goes that guy. Maan notices Veera. It’s a quiet period for Shiv and Surili. She insists that I am the only one who could possibly love you more and that we must attend Mahajan’s anniversary party. Shiv and Surili show up to the get-together. They have photographs taken of them. Shiv claims that I am Ranak’s prince. Shubha Tai is greeted by him. Shubha gives thanks to Ranimaa and Shiv. A mother like you, he thinks, is fantastic. Elders, she argues, should take charge of the household. A visit from Swati to Samar. She has poor manners, and he makes fun of her for it.

What imp item did you want to talk about, she asks after learning her secrets. He promises to reveal all today. She takes a seat and declares, “I’m listening.” He produces a report on the firm’s shares and declares, “I have kept my promise, Raghav will have the company control in his hand.” She thinks it’s wonderful and demands to know your motivation for coming. If you want to know his motivation, he tells them straight out: “Since I saw you, I’ve been restless.” He is aware of the current time. He puts on an act to impress her and pursues her romantically. He embraces her. When Maan arrives, he is taken aback by their presence. Samar discovers Maan.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : Shiv and Surili are currently at the celebration. It’s fine if you want to know my secret, Samar adds; I’m your older brother, Samar Chandrabhaan Barot. Maan is in disbelief.

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