Written Episode Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28 July 2023 – Samar ensnares Maan

Written Episode Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28 July 2023 – Samar ensnares Maan

Samar starts the episode by telling Swati she had to leave. Swati looks up and notices Maan. She claims that Maan has spotted us. Samar says it’s okay, he’ll take care of it. The girl exits. He chuckles and says, “Poor Maan, now that I’ve caught the rat in my cage, he won’t tell the truth to anyone.

” Shiv is welcomed and blessed by Dada Babu. Shiv presents Surili, his new bride. When Surili is greeted, he is blessed. According to Dada Babu, a person’s eyes are a reflection of who they truly are. I noticed my mother’s likeness in Shiv, so when he said yes, I tied the knot quickly. If you need anything, Dada Babu will ask. No, she adds, I’ve never been to such a large party before, and I’m feeling very anxious about it. She continues, “That makes me think of my niece Yuvika; she’s Premraj’s daughter, and she’s just like you.

Maan takes his asthma medication after feeling ill. Now he can see Swati. Digvijay and Surili run into Shiv. Digvijay presents Ruhi, his wife. Surili inquires if you, too, are in the business world. When I ask Ruhi whether I can go out, she answers no. Surili drops his phone. Shiv makes the selection. He has her gratitude. Ruhi watches and then leaves. Surili visits an old acquaintance. I read that Dada Babu was going to announce his heir, Shiv says. If you don’t know the corporate norms, then sure, Digvijay argues, you have to go to war with your own family to protect yourself. According to Shiv, the royal family is run by individuals, and this causes many issues. His mind goes back to Raghav. Shiv brings up business and urges him to consider something.

Digvijay agrees, but only after we play a game of basketball. When Shiv says it’s finished.The dance show starts now. The girl dances with Shiv and Digvijay. Yuvika and Surili have an accident. A warm embrace follows her declaration that she had learned of her thanks to Dada Babu’s glowing recommendations. According to Yuvika, in Rishikesh I ran a café. I run a café in Mumbai, Surili explains, and I’m attempting to adopt the royals’ manners. Yuvika claims that everyone in this place is staring at them, and I find that to be true. They exchange words. Yuvika is interested in Pooja Sabarwal. She is, according to Surili, inside. Yuvika embraces her with gratitude. They leave. Surili is invited by Shiv.What are you trying to conceal, Veera demands.

I care deeply for my family, but Maan says I can’t reveal Samar’s truth just yet. Don’t let this be your downfall, Veera warns. He leaves. Maan answers a call from Shiv and Surili. When they tell him they’ll be returning, he tells them, “Come back soon.” What’s up, Shiv wants to know. Swati’s message reaches Maan… Please give me an opportunity to explain why what you saw was not accurate. Maan says, “I’ll get back to you when I can.” What should I do? he wonders; I can’t tell Raghav; I have to take care of this myself.Did you talk to Maan? Swati inquires. Samar tells you, “Don’t fret; I’ll see to it”; you can retire to your room. He hands her the phone. They leave. Samar predicts Maan will be in an awkward position. Ranimaa halts Maan and inquires as to his whereabouts.

Maan says I’m busy, but I’ll be there shortly. He embraces her. She assures everyone that they can go about their day without fear, adding, “Take care.” It’s Veera he contacts. Phone rings off the hook for him. He reflects about the situation and concludes, “I think I have to go alone,” suggesting that Swati could feel awkward opening up in front of Veera. Away he goes. We need to return to Ranak because, as Surili has stated, something is wrong and Maan is unable to discuss it without us being there. And Shiv is in full agreement. Veera looks through Maan’s call history. In a return call, he answers.Away with Maan. At home, Veera rushes to greet Maan. Maan reaches the abandoned plant. Swati, he yells. He notices Samar. Samar cracks a happy grin.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Samar responds, “Fine, hear it; I’m your older brother; I’m Samar Chandrabhaan Barot, and you want to know my secret.” Maan can’t believe it. Violence traps Shiv and Surili. Samar sets Maan on fire in an attempt to murder him.

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