Written Episode Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29 July 2023 – Savi Struggles for Equality

Written Episode Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29 July 2023 – Savi Struggles for Equality

Savi assures Ishan that she is able to perform well throughout the interview. However, Ishan informs her that the board members have rejected her and requests that she relay the news to Isha madam. Savi queries, “On what grounds?” Yashwanth insists that their college has a name and a reputation, hence they will not admit anyone merely because they want to. Savi wonders if his school only accepts students from the surrounding cities, reasoning that she has overcome significant obstacles to get here and thus deserves a shot. Savi is aware that she is late to the admissions process, but that the merit list has not yet been posted on the bulletin board, so she still has a chance.

She assures Shantanu that if she is given just one more shot, she will succeed on the entrance exam. Yashwanth speculates that her instructor assured the class that she would breeze through admissions. Savi emphatically denies this, insisting that her teacher would never misinform her students and that they would be well-equipped to succeed on any examination. Ishan insists that she will be denied entry at any price.Savi demands an explanation for why she has been denied entry, such as the fact that she is from the village, came on a teacher’s recommendation, or accidentally slept in his cabin the night before.

Yashwanth has stated that they will not provide a formal statement in writing. Savi begs him to let her prove herself; he has no right to prevent her from attending school. If he refuses to provide a written statement, Savi threatens to submit a Right to Information (RTI) request. If she is here to threaten Yashwanth Bhosale, he demands to know why she came with a teacher’s recommendation. Savi insists that all she wants is a chance to show him she deserves better. A majority of the board agrees that Savi deserves a shot because of her obvious potential. According to Ishan, they won’t. Shantanu explains that they use interviews as a means of gauging each candidate’s potential and invites Savi to an appointment tomorrow at noon. Savi appreciates his help. Shantanu compares herself favorably to the courageous Isha, who advocates for her own rights.Harini is taken by Vinu to her in-laws’ home. Harini prevents him from taking her suitcase and paying the vehicle fare. Someone at your doorbell. Kiran walks in, and he or she is taken aback to see them. Vinu claims he told Harini tai he’d bring it. Kiran lets them in and tells his parents about it.

Harini’s mother-in-law teases her about being here by accident. Papa inquires about Savi’s wedding. Harini claims that never took place. In this conversation, Savi’s father-in-law asks if the groom turned down the wedding. According to Harini, Savi didn’t make a mistake by running away from her wedding to an alcoholic, drug addict, and womanizer. Savi calls Isha to let her know that she was successful in getting an interview with the board of directors. Isha expresses her satisfaction that Savi was given an interview opportunity. Savi says that the board members, especially Ishan, were full of themselves. The woman claims that Ishan is irrationally upset with Isha. Isha wonders aloud if anyone else was present. Savi says she feels like she is talking to Isha when she describes how everyone was against her except for Shantanu. Isha tells her to stop talking and go back to her interview.

Savi recalls that she forgot the idol of her god at Ishan’s cabin.According to Vinu, Savi’s teacher instigated a fight between the two of them. Papa is concerned and wants to know if Savi is okay. Pune, according to Vinu. My mother-in-law thinks Savi is having an affair and ran away, so she says they should track her down and bring her home. Vinu claims that nobody back home will welcome Savi. They got me married to the wrong house, Kiran informs his dad. Vinu has told him that he cannot hold his family responsible for his daughter’s actions. Harini insists that she and Savi did nothing wrong. Kiran warns that he would send her back to her parents’ place for good if she disobeys him this time because she has come alone. Savi gives in to his demands out of fear.A devout Savi hastily travels to Ishan to retrieve the sacred statue of her god. “What is she doing here?” Ishan yells. Savi freaks up and spills Ishan’s coffee onto his laptop. More yelling from Ishan. Savi tells him she’s sorry and that she came to steal the idol of her deity.

He claims she damaged his computer. She makes a mental note of his laptop make and model. To leave, he orders her loudly. She quickly chooses an idol and leaves. Shantanu interrogates her about her presence. Savi claims that she forgot her religious artifact at Ishan’s cabin. Ishan comes over to them and apologizes that she spilled coffee on his laptop. Savi apologizes for the spilled coffee and admits it was his fault. According to Ishan, she is laying the blame on him and, like his instructor, is full of arrogance. Savi tells him to quit being so arrogant, despite his high level of education, and that Isha madam, who is his mother’s age, has noted that he talks trash about her ever since she arrived. The MD of Bhosale Institute would personally ensure that she fails tomorrow’s interview, he threatens.

Savi bets that, thanks to her abilities and Isha madam’s guidance, she will succeed. Ishan storms off in a huff.Shantanu approaches Savi and inquires as to her whereabouts in Pune, promising to take care of any necessary arrangements. Savi claims she can handle having her sister’s in-laws live with her. Shantanu tells her to call or text him if anything comes up. Savi claims that Isha provided her his number for an emergency, and that when she calls him, it’s almost like talking to Isha herself because he’s so modest and helpful. Shantanu wants to know how Isha is doing and if she would compliment that very same day. She is Savi’s mentor, and according to Savi, she is too good. She claims to have seen his picture while visiting Isha’s place and is curious as to how the two are connected. Shantanu is frozen in place.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Savi enrolls in a third-year course. The class treats her like an actual educator. Despite the difficulty, she manages to find a solution. Ishan spots her and inquires as to why she hasn’t left. Savi, a second-year student, solved a third-year problem, and Shantanu informs Ishan that if he still thinks he is doing justice, he is mistaken.

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