Written Episode Faltu 29th July 2023 – Ayyan expresses regret to Faltu.

Written Episode Faltu 29th July 2023 – Ayyan expresses regret to Faltu.

The episode opens with Ayaan promising to make Faltu’s wish come true. Janardhan asks, “How will you do this?” after learning that the association has banned her, and I’ve already warned her not to act out of rage. Ayaan says I’ll go to any lengths necessary. Savita is asked by Janardhan not to meddle in Ayaan’s life. He says, “You forgot she stood by us and saved Maa and me; she freed Ayaan from jail; I want her to come home; I won’t tolerate a word against her.” While chopping the vegetables, Faltu cuts her finger. Kaka interrupts her. To divert her attention, she offers, “Let me do the work.” Neil says we won’t be able to work with the Mittals, so I’m devising a strategy to grow the company to make up for the expected loss. The old man, Dada ji, has a good chuckle. I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed you again; Neil says you picked JM market. I’m told that I remind Dada ji of the old Neil. When Neil says “Faltu,” it hurts just as much to me. I told you, dada ji says.

They make light of the situation and laugh it off. Don’t bother her, Dada ji advises; she needs to relax. Neil assures us that her appearance won’t change. Kaka says Faltu won’t let her help in the kitchen because she’s upset and she injured her finger. As Neil has said, I will contact her. Don’t get into a fight with her, warns Dada ji. Leaving, Neil. Kaka says Faltu has a lot of love for her spouse, so I think we should all try to get them together.Ayaan does what he can to advance Faltu’s profession. He begs him to give Faltu a shot. The male party hangs up. Ayaan hurls the phone in frustration.

It’s Tanu now. Do you believe Faltu will accept this favor, seeing as she doesn’t want to keep any link with Mukta? I will chat to her and try to convince her to lift the ban on Faltu. If I have to pay for what I did to her, he continues, then so be it. He leaves. Her anger grows.Neil spots Faltu. He plays jokes on her and she laughs. There is contention between them. To paraphrase, he says things like, “I agree with you, Ayaan is ill mannered, you shouldn’t stay with him, smile, you look like Chudail when you’re sad,” and “I love Dada ji a lot, and I want you to come with me to a party just to make Dada ji happy,” but he doesn’t want to be thanked. She tells you to be quiet, she’s not interested, and to go away. He claims you have poor manners. When Dada ji arrives, he adds that you’ve come to either convince her or ruin her mood.

As Neil puts it, “I’m going to a happening party;” if Faltu comes along, you won’t have to worry if I get drunk and tumble. They exchange winks. You’re free to accompany Dada ji, he says. Faltu is curious, so you must interrupt him. I’ll be relieved if you go to the party with him, he says. She claims you want to make me happy, but I’m not interested in going out with her. She leaves. Kaka wants to know from whence you acquired this. The man claims that he is delivering the flowers to Faltu Mittal. According to Dada ji, I believe Ayaan sent this. Neil and Faltu look at the photos that Ayaan and him took. Not what I want, says Faltu. Ayaan shows up in a “sorry” t-shirt. She tells Neil that she and he will attend a party later on. She leaves.

In case of emergency, please contact Kinshuk. He informed me that Ayaan had purchased flowers and had requested that I cover the cost. Why did he buy flowers, they inquire. Ayaan bought the flowers for Faltu, and Sid feels that’s a wonderful thing. When Tanu inquires as to the nature of this juvenile behavior, I plan to consult with Ayaan. Why are you opposed to them, Sid inquires. She claims she won’t return now that she knows we saw Faltu insult him. We’ve reportedly begun the search for Ayaan’s future bride, as relayed by Sumitra.According to Sid, Ayaan has requested us to remain out of this. Kaka reports that Ayaan is still outside, hasn’t eaten, and may become ill if he isn’t asked to come inside and sit down. Dada ji says, “What shall I call him?” but Faltu doesn’t get it. What? asks Faltu. Ayaan is being stubborn, according to Dada ji; he is waiting outside; please bring him in. She says, “I’ll go to the party anyway.”She approaches Neil with, “I’m ready for the party” on her lips. About Satsang, Neil claims I made no comments. I’m going to have to put on my old clothing, she says. After a short pause, he invites us to come. A clever scheme is hatched by Sid and Kinshuk.

Tanu wants to know what’s happening. Boys chat, Sid stays silent. She insists that I be told the truth. They overhear Sumitra describing the girl to her friends. Tanu says I shouldn’t let Ayaan fall in love with anyone. Sid tells them to quiet down. Savita tells Sumitra, “Ayaan will get remarried, so call the girl’s family.” Sid says we need to get Ayaan and Faltu together. Kinshuk gives Ayaan a call to tell her his idea. Please forgive Dada ji for predicting that Ayaan will get sick. If she doesn’t care, Ayaan reasons, then it’s okay; she hates me anyway. Eventually, she tells him to just go home. According to him, I refuse to travel without her. Faltu turns the decision-making over to Dada ji. Neil agrees with her that we cannot be held liable for the actions of anyone who approaches our home from the street. There goes Neil and Faltu.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Faltu has concern for Ayaan. She claims that you believe I can forgive you. Give me instructions, he says. She clings to him in fear whenever thunder rolls through.

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