Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 29 July 2023 – Vikrant and Lakshmi’s wedding ceremony

Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 29 July 2023 – Vikrant and Lakshmi’s wedding ceremony

Vikrant begins the episode by inquiring of Malishka about the whereabouts of Ayush, Shalu, and Bani. Malishka says to ignore the group because someone is probably crying in the corner. He wants to know if Rishi has been up to anything. Malishka claims you didn’t leave anything and that he won’t be able to find any evidence. She begs him to think only of Lakshmi and not on Rishi. Lakshmi visits Rishi in his room to think back on the good times they’ve shared. She enters, her mind immediately drawn to memories of their time together. She selects his photo frame and informs him that one day this space would be theirs, and that it would serve as a reminder of their shared history and special experiences that were uniquely theirs. She reflects on their wedding day, saying, “When I came here in this life, it was to be your life partner; but now, in Lakshmi Bhagya, our life together is coming to an end, and I will take only good memories from here.” She claims that we spent a great deal of time here, that we laughed, fought, became irritated, then cheered up. She claims that I have only argued with you and possibly Bau ji. She says, “I had that right on you; you were mine” as if you were an extension of yourself or a close companion.

She replies, “I never felt afraid when I was with you; you always supported me; I used to feel comfort and peace like we feel in the temple; there is no fear there; there is just trust.” She claims, “You are my temple; fate has decreed that we cannot be together.” She tells his picture frame, “You’ll always be with me here.” I was incredibly lucky, she continues, because you used to shield me from harm and know what I meant even when I didn’t say anything. She says you always fought for me, even against Mummy ji. She promises she’ll never forget you and explains that not everyone is lucky enough to find a lifepartner like her. She holds his picture frame close to her heart and displays it proudly. Listen to “Aap hamari jaan ban gaye”She’s about to leave the room and remarks, “Life plays a strange game;” she arrived in a wedding gown and will leave the room and the house in the same one she wore on her wedding day. She says, “Who can fight with destiny? Whatever is destined to happen will happen,” implying that fate is both friendly and hostile to her. It fulfilled my desire for friendship by bringing you into my life, and it is fulfilling my desire for enmity by sending me away from you. Rishi calls Ayush and says he has informed him he would be bringing evidence. He wonders why all of Vikrant’s relatives have been involved. He dials Ayush’s number, but Ayush doesn’t answer. Rishi plans to approach him after work.Neelam performs aarti and tilak on Vikrant to welcome him. Puneet, Anjana’s spouse, expresses his happiness and gives Virender a hug. Virender offers his best wishes.

The time has finally come, as Anjana puts it. Virender is even more ecstatic for her. Dadi invites Rano to join them at the table because she is the bride’s Chachi. She politely requests that Mukesh bring Rano a chair. And for that, Rano is quite grateful to him. Virender inquires of Puneet if his older son has arrived yet. We are embarrassed to admit it, but Puneet is right: he has prioritized his career over his family. We’re sick of telling him, Anjana adds; Saloni cried; Vikrant didn’t yell at him. Puneet expresses his disappointment that his older son is absent. They are dramebaaz, according to Malishka, and they are going to be actors. Virender insists that we must not let our joy diminish. Saloni wants to know how Rishi is doing. Neelam claims he left the house. Although Anjana wishes he were present, she admits that her relief at his absence is justified.If he did what Neelam claims, I could understand. She insists that the wedding will go through if Rishi shows up. Bani, Shalu, and Ayush all visit regularly. Where is Rishi, Shalu asks Ayush. Pandit ji has requested that they summon the bride. Neelam insists she will be the one to bring her, despite Rano’s best efforts.

Whatever you’re doing, according to Rano, is fine. According to what Karishma has told Kiran, Neelam is not being given a chance and is handling things by herself.Neelam visits Lakshmi and tells her that she has waited for this time, that she has carried her and seen her face every day. For Rishi’s sake, she claims to have backed Virender and Dadi against her will, to have kept her here against her will, and to have arranged a magnificent wedding for her against her will. She tells her to stand up and does what needs to be done for Rishi, the house, and herself because she has done all the rasams. She begs her to marry Vikrant and start a new life far away from her son. I get what you’re not saying, Lakshmi says. Neelam has assured me that it will be beneficial to me. And she begs her to come over here. Lakshmi follows closely following.Vikrant believes that Ayush is present and powerless to take any action without help, that it is for the best that Rishi is not present, and that he would be wise to go collect evidence against Rishi. He thinks Rishi can’t halt the wedding because I didn’t leave anything incriminating behind. On his way home, Rishi slams into some stones. According to Vikrant, Rishi will have no choice but to let me marry Lakshmi. Neelam and Lakshmi arrive downstairs. Rano compliments her appearance and invites her to join her future spouse for a seat. Rishi gives God thanks, convinced that he is now safe.

He considers driving backwards, but the vehicle refuses to start. Due to the rain, he grabs an umbrella and descends to ground level. He blames the bicyclist for what happened and decides he has no one else to blame. He considers calling and then considering hitching a ride, but no one is available to help. He thinks Lakshmi must be heading in Vikrant’s direction and that every second counts. As a result, everyone on the dark side is ecstatic. According to Rano, today Lakshmi will be in her true form. Rishi is debating his next move. Rano assures you that your Chachi is always with you and that you will never miss a thing. They’re blessed by her. Bani explains the plan to end the wedding. Only a miracle, according to Shalu, can put a halt to this wedding. Ayush requests your presence because he is confident Rishi Bhai can perform a miracle. Lakshmi and Vikrant receive flowers from Pandit ji. They perform the rite. Garland is requested for Pandit ji. I’m bringing it up, Malishka says. Vikrant compliments Lakshmi on her stunning appearance.

Malishka has varmala with him. Pandit ji instructs everyone to rise for the garland. Malishka presents Vikrant with the garland. Lakshmi shuts her eyes as Vikrant places a garland around her neck, remembering the time Rishi forced her to do the same. Malishka then presents Lakshmi with a garland. Bani and Shalu are holding hands. Lakshmi remembers Rishi submitting to her garland demands by kneeling down in front of her. Vikrant makes a gesture to mock her. The group as a whole is in fits of laughter. I want to bash Ayush up because he believes I’m a swindler and a blo*dy scoundrel. Shalu says there’s nothing you can do. Malishka requests that Lakshmi observe Vikrant and force him to don a garland. Lakshmi forces the garland onto Vikrant’s head. Everyone applauds.After the varmala rasam, Pandit ji would tell you to take a seat for the rest of the rasams. Malishka is nearby Lakshmi now. Rishi finished the repairs and is certain that the automobile will now start. Please wait for me, Lakshmi, he begs, and don’t rush into marriage. The man gets behind the wheel and drives away. Pandit ji requests that everyone bring their right hands forward. They extend their palms in a welcoming gesture. While goddess Lakshmi watches.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: After learning the truth about Vikrant’s marital status, Rishi reveals it to Malishka. Malishka is taken aback. Ayush begs Shalu to put her faith in Rishi so that Lakshmi can be saved. He promises to rescue Lakshmi and claims he will arrive soon. When Rishi tries to return home, he is met by Vikrant’s thugs, who beat him with sticks. Rishi passes out and collapses.


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