Written Episode Anupama 29th July 2023 – Adhik abuses Pakhi both physically and verbally.

Written Episode Anupama 29th July 2023 – Adhik abuses Pakhi both physically and verbally.

When Kavya asks Anupama for advice on parenthood, Anupama says she doesn’t need to lecture her because she’s already given 5-page lectures on the topic many times; instead, she wants to encourage Kavya to enjoy every moment she can with her baby, because children grow up so quickly from crawling to getting married.

Pakhi says it’s time to get some masti in. Dance to the Salam-e-Ishq by all the Shahs and Kapadias. When asked to dance together, Pakhi and Adhik hesitate. Anupama appreciates Anuj’s efforts to make her life more joyful. Anuj promises to help her in any way he can. Everything is perfect, Vanraj gushes to Kavya. Pakhi’s clothing becomes stained with juice, so she goes to wash it off. Adhik is observing her. Leela has noticed this.Nakul worries for MD, so he knocks on her door to find out why she locked herself in and whether or not her blood pressure is OK. To celebrate Kavya’s upcoming baby shower, MD recalls Dimpy’s message. In a flashback, her husband makes a promise to her that he will make her and the baby’s dreams come true during the baby shower. She sobs as a result of a recollection. Adhik claims he has been attempting to approach Pakhi since yesterday, and so he keeps following her around. If, as Pakhi claims, she has been avoiding him since yesterday, his efforts seem pointless. Adhik angrily demands to know why, without any training or experience, she wants to work in Anuj’s workplace, where she will only cause trouble for Anuj and his sister.

Leela has a hard time making it up the stairs. The birth of MD’s child is another recollection. Her instructor manipulates her into believing that she must give up being a mother in order to pursue her goal of being a famous dancer. MD concludes from her memories that pursuing skill and success requires making many sacrifices, but Anupama makes the mistake of prioritizing her family. She wants to know why women are expected to give up so much.Adhik warns Pakh repeatedly not to run for office. Pakhi claims he is worried she will expose him and his sister, and that she will do so without even having to run for office, by telling Anuj about their misdeeds. When Adhik becomes angry, he strikes people. Pakhi, indignant, yells at him, “How dare you slap me!” and attempts to slap him again. Adhik causes a scene as Leela enters the room, pleading with Pakhi not to hit him. If Pakhi is so despicable as to beat her husband, Leela demands to know why.

According to Pakhi, Adhik was the one who hit her first. Adhik takes action. Leela gets angry with Pakhi because she won’t leave her and her mother alone, who is dealing with multiple sclerosis, depression, etc. Adhik tells her to cool down and put a stop to the conflict now. He manages to defeat her. Pakhi believes that, like her mother, she is strong and capable of withstanding Adhik’s cruelty. Adhik begs Leela to keep the news from Anupama. What is Anupama curious about?MD is convinced that Anupama is causing her emotional distress, so she recalls a past event in which her husband expresses his gratitude for the greatest gift she has ever given him: their daughter. MD claims she doesn’t need her son because she has to give up dancing for him and her husband is simply a clerk who can’t support their lifestyle. Husband says he will take care of their son from today on so she can follow her ambition of becoming a dancer, adding that he has never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. MD abandons her child. Anupama interrogates Leela and Adhik on what she will learn. Leela’s tears have caught her attention, and she wants to know what’s wrong. Leela is in agreement.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Kavya tells Anupama that the baby is actually Anirudh’s and not Vanraj’s. She then asks Anupama how she should go about making things right.
Vanraj overhears them talking.



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